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Getting to Lansdowne

There are lots of options for getting to Lansdowne.

On normal days, you can take transit, drive, cycle or walk.

For special events, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group is providing a range of travel options for you to get to and from TD Stadium.


OC Transpo provides regular service to Lansdowne on routes 1 and 7. 

Enhanced transit service will also be available for major events at TD Place or Lansdowne.


An underground parking garage provides spaces for everyday visitors to shop, use the park, and visit the stadium. Spaces are also reserved for office tenants and residents. Please note that only Club Seat ticket holders will have access to parking on game days.


The re-developed Lansdowne includes more than 600 bike parking spaces across the site. Secure bike parking will also be provided for major events.

The City’s improved network of multi-use pathways and cycle lanes make this healthy travel choice safer and easier than ever. The City has identified a number of routes for cyclists of all levels to get to Lansdowne. 


All of the pathways leading to Lansdowne are fully accessible, providing everyone the opportunity to enjoy all of the local sites and amenities on your way.