Heritage Advisory Committee

Comité consultatif sur le patrimoine


Minutes 2

Proces-verbaux 2


Monday, 15 October 2001, 7:00 p.m.

le lundi 15 octobre 2001, 19h


Champlain Room, 110 Laurier Avenue West

Salle Champlain, 110, avenue Laurier ouest




Present: Ken Clavette (Chair/Président)

Gordon Cullingham Marc Denhez

André Dessaint Paule Doucet

Guy Legault Richard McDonald

Jean Palmer Carolyn Quinn

Thomas Rooney Vladimir Skok

Colin Varley Edwinna von Baeyer

Tanya Wackley


Regrets: Maria Martin (Vice-Chair/Vice-Présidente)


Others: Gilles Séguin, Manager of Heritage Development, People Services Department

Paul Stumes, Reserve Member

Carole Langford, Advisory Committee Coordinator, Corporate Services Department




Confirmation of Minutes

ratification des procès-verbaux


The Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee of 17 September were confirmed. 


Declarations of Interest



Declarations of interest were received by Marc Denhez and Vladimir Skok on item 7, Sparks Street.


items of business

points À l’ordre du jour



Work Plan




Chair Clavette explained that the working sub-committee developed an outline of items consisting of fifteen objectives.  The sub-committee appointed G. Legault as Chair and recording secretary of the workplan sub-committee and suggested that he explain each objective to the Committee. 


G. Legault thanked Coordinator C. Langford for the excellent draft report that she put forward to the sub-committee.  He asked members if there were any items that were left out.  T. Rooney noted that the archival resources of the City were not added in the report.  G. Legault explained that it would be dealt with later.  A. Dessaint also mentioned that the collections of the different museums were also not included in the workplan.  G. Legault suggested to the Committee to add this as Objective 16.  P. Doucet asked to clarify which objectives is a budget item.  Chair Clavette explained that objectives 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are budget items.  G. Legault added that the Committee needs clarification by staff as to where the money will be allocated from, i.e. Advisory Committee or Department.


Objective 1 – Annual Awards


G. Legault explained that the City of Ottawa had previously presented these awards as well as other former municipalities.  He noted that LACAC is also very supportive of this objective.  G. Séguin suggested having this objective, in form of a motion with the amount of $10,000 dollars, in order to organize these events.  He estimated that it would take approximately 3 months of preparation, cost of translation, advertising and food.


Moved by G. Legault


That the Office of Cultural Affairs includes an amount of $10,000 dollars in their 2002 budget for the heritage awards program to recognize volunteers and innovation heritage initiatives.




Objective 2 – Heritage Day


G. Legault indicated that Heritage Day in the new City of Ottawa, could be called Heritage Week as it is approximately a ten day event.  He explained that this objective is a continuation from the old municipalities, involving a local history competition between the Councillors and the media at City Hall.  This would be a joint project with the Council of Heritage Organizations in Ottawa/Conseil des organismes du patrimoine d’Ottawa (CHOO/COPO) and Heritage staff.  G. Séguin said that he would add this objective to his workplan, therefore no resources will be required for this objective.


G. Cullingham inquired if Colonel By Day should be included in this objective.  G. Legault explained that Colonel By Day is a CHOO activity.  P. Doucet added that Colonel By Day this year was initiated by CHOO and the City of Ottawa.  She suggested changing the objective to ‘Celebratory Heritage Days’, which would include a summer and fall event.  J. Palmer added that it was very difficult to have Councillors attend Colonel By Day.


Moved by G. Cullingham


That City Council adopt the By-Law of the previous City of Ottawa declaring the first Monday in August to be Colonel By Day.




Objective 3 - Action Research Pilot Project


G. Legault explained that this objective would need a lot of coordination and the sub-committee agreed that the first step would be to send a letter from the Committee to local school boards to start the process.  C. Varley asked for clarification, as the objective was very vague and unclear.  Chair Clavette clarified that the Committee needs to bring all of the players together – Heritage staff, school boards, universities and colleges to develop a strategy in putting heritage on the school curriculum.  G. Legault added that there were three items that were piggybacked on museums as well and archives to articulate this.  C. Varley suggested renaming the title of the objective.  J. Palmer suggested calling it Heritage Outreach to Schools.  G. Séguin also suggested renaming it to ‘Getting Local Heritage on the Agenda of School Systems’ and he added that there are resources required for this project for environmental research.  He suggested that $15,000 would be required for this project.  P. Doucet suggested amending the amount to $10,000.  The Committee agreed on this decision.


Objective 4 - Heritage Plaques


G. Legault suggested renaming this objective to ‘Interpretation Panels’.  He explained that this would be a multi-year project, which would require research and production.  The resources required for this project would be $30,000.  G. Séguin clarified that this objective is in the Department’s workplan including the $30,000.  Chair Clavette suggested amending the objective to include that the HAC would support People Services Department for this project.  G. Séguin agreed that this would be a joint project with staff and HAC.  A. Dessaint inquired if the City is dependant on the NCC for plaques and signs.  G. Séguin responded that there are many players in the interpretation of the plaque program, including the Province and NCC, however, this would be an independent City program.  The Committee agreed with supporting the City’s plaque program.


Objective 5 – Heritage Issues Facing Council


G. Legault reminded members that this item was discussed at the last HAC meeting and that it is important to include Council on important heritage issues.  An ad-hoc sub-committee can be established to work on monitoring these issues.  G. Cullingham noted that this is already part of HAC’s mandate.  R. McDonald explained that there are many areas in the new City of Ottawa that Council is not aware of.  The Committee concurred with this objective.


Objective 6 – Promotion of Community Heritage


G. Legault explained that there is existing material available for this project and it would be a matter of consolidating this information and working with staff and the City’s Communications Branch.  P. Doucet suggested adding a budget amount to this objective.  She also suggested having a writer who could update the media and the Internet on a weekly or a monthly basis.  G. Séguin believes that objectives 6, 7 and 13 are somewhat linked and the Office of Cultural Affairs is already started to work on these issues.  The People Services Department is looking at marketing heritage across the City.  They are budgeting to develop a marketing strategy, as well as looking into re-vamping the City’s website and the heritage component will include a heritage activity calendar. 


Moved by M. Denhez


Promotion of Community Heritage using media, provide profiles and information and encourage cooperation in partnerships to promote heritage sites and activities.




Objective 7 – Promotion/Awareness


P. Doucet asked staff if the City was preparing a comprehensive marketing plan for its heritage activities.  G. Séguin responded that the People Services Department is in the process of establishing a marketing strategy.  He requested that the HAC support it at budget time.  The Committee received this item for information.


Objective 8 – Heritage Advisory Committee Orientation


G. Legault suggested the word “events” be replaced by “training”.  G. Séguin suggested changing the 2-day tour to 3-day tour.  The Committee agreed with this decision.  M. Denhez suggested including Councillors on this tour.  Chair Clavette explained that this tour would be an educational opportunity for Committee members to visit heritage buildings and museums and connect with cultural heritage groups in the community.  T. Rooney suggested raising the budget since the Committee agreed to a 3-day tour.  M. Denhez indicated the need to incorporate wording into the objective outlining the tour of facilities is for HAC, planners, Councillors and major stakeholders.  V. Skok suggested having the following wording: “Included tour by HAC as well as stakeholders and community leaders of the facilities in the city over a 3-day period”.  G. Legault will re-write this objective to include these points.  G. Legault suggested contacting Gerry Crouse to help organize this tour.  The following members volunteered to organize this event:

C. Varley

J. Palmer

T. Rooney

R. McDonald

Coordinator C. Langford and G. Séguin will also provide assistance with the organization of this event.


The Committee agreed to budget for $5,000 for this objective.


Objective 9 – Bibliography of Published and Non-published Documentation


G. Legault thanked T. Rooney for bringing the reference material.  He informed the members that there are 254 bibliographical entries in the Bytown Biotech that was created in 1992.  P. Doucet indicated that she has worked researching for years and it seemed to her that this is a major endeavour and would need other sources of funding.  The member suggested the Social Science Research Council, archivalist institutions, and existing libraries for written text, imagery and sounds.  Chair Clavette clarified that the money allocated for this project would be only for 2002 even though this project could be a multi-year project.  P. Doucet suggested supporting this project if Arts Advisory Committee becomes the leader.  G. Legault asked if any members would like to start off this project and to advocate other institutions to becoming partners with HAC.  The Committee agreed with this objective.


Objective 10 – History of Greater Ottawa


T. Rooney explained that a similar project has been done by “L’Histoire de Outaouais” who produced a history of the Outaouais.  E. von Baeyer inquired if this project is intending to create an outline.  G. Legault said that resources would be required to hire a consultant to produce a feasibility study.  The Committee agreed with this objective.


Objective 11 – Official Plan of the City of Ottawa


R. McDonald explained that the old City of Ottawa had a heritage policy included in the Official Plan and this objective is to ensure that the new Official Plan includes a heritage policy.  G. Séguin informed the Committee that it is understood that HAC will be consulted in terms of the contents of the Official Plan and any supporting documents.  He added that Coordinator C. Langford distributed via e-mail, the latest report on the Official Plan review and that arts and heritage is a very big component of the Official Plan.  Staff will be involved in another round of report writing and will have a Master Plan for the Heritage and Arts Advisory Committees by the end of the year.  P. Doucet urged members to join with the CHOO/COPO Strong Voice to work jointly on this approach.  Chair Clavette suggested informing the Coordinator of the dates of when Strong Voice meets to forward to HAC members. 


Moved by G. Legault


That the Planning staff and City Council work with Heritage Advisory Committee and collaborate with CHOO/COPO to insure that a clear heritage policy be integrated into the new Official Plan of the City of Ottawa.





Objective 12 – List of Contacts & Resources


G. Legault explained that members were concerned that a list of heritage contacts and resources does not exist in the City.  The City has a list of all inventories of the local museums, including those that are not owned by the city.  CHOO/COPO has a database list of personnel that has over 400 entries.  This list needs to be updated on a daily basis and requires a secretary to handle the changes and answer the inquiries.  CHOO/COPO is working on setting up a proper office and one of the suggestions is to have part-time staff.  There is already a computer and it will be at two sites, for back-up purposes.  CHOO/COPO is also setting up a website.  P. Doucet raised the issue of having this list accessible to everyone.  G. Legault mentioned that Cynthia Smith, Program Development Officer from the People Services Department, has a copy of the member organizations and the individual members contact information.  The Committee concurred with this objective.


Objective 13 – Heritage Calendar


The Committee concurred with this objective.



Objective 14 – Property Tax and Heritage Properties


M. Denhez inquired if the Task Force on Property Assessment and Property Tax Issues has discussed the issue of heritage properties at its meetings.  Coordinator C. Langford will inquire if the mandate of the Task Force includes heritage properties.



Objective 15 - Museum/Archival Structure


Moved by R. McDonald


That the Heritage Advisory Committee recommends that the City Archives be given the resources needed to identify conserve and make accessible the records of permanent value, of all of the former municipalities.




Objective 16


The Committee agreed to add this objective as a contingency fund to attend conferences and memberships.  Resources required for this objective is $2,000.


Moved by G. Legault


That the Heritage Advisory Committee approve the overall workplan as amended.









G. Séguin explained that a study was initiated by People Services to determine the immediate and long term needs for an Ottawa-based facility for the arts, heritage, recreation, library and child care.  He added that a progress briefing will be presented at the HRSS meeting on Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 9:30 a.m. and suggested that a member of HAC attend the meeting to support this item.  Chair Clavette volunteered to attend the HRSS meeting.






G. Séguin informed the Committee that this item also deals with the issue of facilities for arts, heritage and library space.  The Ottawa Public Library Board would like to replace the main library with a new library, including other cultural amenities with the city’s archives, a component of museums as well as some arts facilities like a performance venue.  He distributed documentation for information.  He indicated that this is a unique opportunity because the City will not build a cultural complex of this size for another 25-50 years.  It will be well located and not meant to compete with existing museums or archives.  Staff is looking for HAC’s support.  A public consultation will be set up to receive comments.






G. Séguin explained that staff is in the process of writing this report, however, the highlights are as follows:  This report is focussed on a new funding framework for arts and heritage grants for community initiatives in heritage.  The recommendation will be to double the per capita arts and heritage grants which would be an increase of $3.50 to $7.00 per resident, which would translate into a figure of about $6 million rather than $3 million.  Staff is recommending that the additional dollars needed to reach that level be phased in at roughly $1 million per year for the next 3 years.  Details for heritage grants projects, heritage service organizations, such as support to CHOO and to historical societies, as well as support to community museums and archives have been laid out.  V. Skok asked what HAC can do in a proactive sense.  G. Séguin replied that when this report becomes public and presented to HRSS, he suggested that HAC support the recommendation and lobby members of Council.  He added that once the report has been finalized, HAC will receive a copy for information.







G. Séguin distributed documentation on the role of heritage development in the office of Cultural Affairs to members for information.







G. Séguin explained that the chart distributed to members is a budget timetable for the City as a whole.  The Office of Cultural Affairs has completed its budget forecast and so has museum services within the City.  He noted that the budget will be released for public consultation in January 2002.  This will be an opportunity for HAC member to comment and support the budgets that relate to heritage.


C. Varley inquired if HAC has any budget to work with until the budget next year.  Coordinator C. Langford informed members that the Committee is working with an operating budget, which includes resources for printing, advertising, the production of agendas and minutes for each meeting.  She added that the workplan, once approved, will cover costs for projects 2002 as listed in the objectives under Item 1.  The Committee received this item for information.







Chair Clavette explained to the Committee that there are three issues dealing with this item.  The first item is the Truscan Property Corporation’s proposal to re-develop some land, the second item deals with the on-going discussion about widening Metcalfe and creating a central plaza square in the downtown core, and the third item is regarding the heritage district.


At this time, M. Denhez and V. Skok declared a conflict of interest


The proposal, which has been worked out jointly by Truscan Property Corporation and NCC is to create a complex that has two main parts.  The part that faces Sparks Street would be a three storey high residential complex.  The part that faces Queen Street would be offices from about 9-12 stories high.  The proposal that is currently being advanced by the NCC and Truscan Property Corporation would have the effect of replacing a number of buildings, which have been heritage designated.  Most notably is the Hardy Arcade, which is an art deco building that would be replaced by a number of other buildings along Sparks Street.  It would also fill in a blank, which is currently occupied by a parking lot.  The second proposal is the massive widening of Metcalfe Street.  It is suggested that it will partly open up views towards the Peace Tower, but the most important component of the project is that it will incorporate an underground parking and garage facility under the obligatory architectural windswept plaza, which will be the section immediately along Metcalfe.  The underground parking facility would hold 1300 stalls for cars and it would incorporate a huge section for the accommodation of tour buses.  It is intended for the removal of some of the parking on Parliament Hill but most importantly to move all of the tour buses off Parliament Hill. 


After discussion, the Committee approved the following motion:


Moved by G. Cullingham


That HAC urges the City of Ottawa to continue its support for the designation of heritage district by-law under Part V.



M. Denhez and V. Skok declared a conflict of interest.


The Committee suggested that C. Quinn and J. Palmer attend the 6 November 2001 LACAC meeting to make HAC’s concerns heard.


Moved by G. Cullingham


That City Council oppose the widening of Metcalfe Street as proposed by the NCC.  The project would critically impair the functioning of the Sparks Street Mall by severing it in two and would have a serious negative impact on the civic identity of Ottawa's downtown.











P. Stumes, reserve member, explained that the City of Ottawa is planning to build a walking bridge across the Rideau Canal at Somerset Street.  He expressed that this bridge is intruding into a heritage district.  Although this intrusion is necessary, he is concerned with the design of the bridge.  He added that there are four alternatives developed which would be suitable technically and probably aesthetically.  He thinks it would be important for the Heritage Advisory Committee to look at those alternatives and sponsor the one, which they feel would be the best for the site.  He suggested that the Committee appoint a sub-committee of three or four members to review this issue.  He reminded members that whatever they choose, it might be the design that will define the site for centuries to come. 


Moved by J. Palmer


That a sub-committee be formed to study the Rideau Canal Pedestrian Bridge.








Chair Clavette explained that he called the Chair of LACAC to introduce himself as Chair of HAC.  He added that both Advisory Committees will exchange agendas and minutes of each meeting to keep us informed of issues.  He stressed that it is important to have a liaison member to attend LACAC meetings to ensure overlap of each other’s issues and responsibilities will be minimized.  No members volunteered at this time.


V. Skok inquired if liaison was required for the Arts Advisory Committee as well and if so, he indicated he would be willing to serve as the liaison member.  The Committee accepted his nomination.






Chair Clavette reminded members that Councillor D. Thompson agreed to be the council representative on HAC, however could not attend the meeting this evening.  M. Denhez explained that Councillor R. Chiarelli could not commit to being a council representative on HAC as he had other commitments.  As discussed at the last HAC meeting, J. Palmer volunteered to contact Councillor J. Legendre.  She will inform the Committee at the next meeting of her results.





Chair Clavette announced that he is making a presentation at the Workers Heritage Committee of two oral history videos produced on local heritage.  The meeting is at 280 Metcalfe Street on the 5th floor on 6 November 2001 at 7:00 p.m.


Chair Clavette also announced that HAC received an invitation to the first meeting of the Anglican Diocese Archives, 4 November 2001 at 2:00 p.m. in the Cathedral Hall at Christ Church Cathedral.  The guest speaker is Ian Wilson, the National Archivist of Canada.


G. Cullingham announced that Phil Jenkens would talk about his new book on the St-Lawrence, 26 October 2001 at 2:00 p.m. at the Historical Society of Ottawa monthly meeting at Routhier Community Centre.


R. McDonald announced that G. Cullingham would speak about the Rideau Waterways Then and Now at the Rideau Township Historical Society meeting held at the Archives building in the Village of North Gower on Wednesday, 17 October 2001 at 7:30 p.m.






There were no inquiries.





The Committee adjourned the meeting at 10:40 p.m.









_________________________ _________________________

Carole Langford, Ken Clavette,

Committee Coordinator Chair