Council Member Inquiry/Motion Form

Demande de renseignements d’un membre du Conseil /Formulaire de motion


From/Exp. :


Councillor D. Holmes

Date :


July 9, 2008

File/Dossier :




To/Dest. :


Deputy City Manager, Planning, Transit and the Environment


Subject/Objet :


Designation of Two Communities for Increased Density


Inquiry/Demande de renseignements





Moved by Councillor D. Holmes

Seconded by Councillor J. Legendre


WHEREAS the City of Ottawa’s main strategy to implement the intensification targets within the Official Plan, appears to be spot rezonings;


WHEREAS communities are often opposed to these spots rezonings;


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Planning Transit and Environment Department produce a report that designates 2 communities, one inside the greenbelt, and one outside the greenbelt, near transit that will be redesigned to accommodate an increase in density in order to meet the Official Plan intensification targets.


The planning process will incorporate extensive public participation with a Public Advisory Committee designated by the Community.  Part of the strategy will include public investments for community needs as determined by the Community.







The next two areas to receive Community Design Plans to commence in 2010 are :


1)      Mid-Centretown (bounded by Kent, Gloucester, Elgin and the Queensway,  Councillor Holmes is aware of this; and


2)      Bank Street, as an Arterial Mainstreet, from the Rideau River south to approximately Johnston Road.  Councillors Deans, Doucet and McRae are aware of this.


The Official Plan mandates the preparation of Community Design Plans for Mixed-Use Centres, Town Centres, Developing Communities, Arterial Mainstreets, Traditional Mainstreets and Villages, as well as the review of existing Community Design Plans.  Bank Street south of the Rideau River is an Arterial Mainstreet, while Mid-Centretown includes four Traditional Mainstreets (Bank, Elgin, Somerset and Gladstone).  In addition, the existing Centretown Plan dates from the mid-1970s and requires updating.


Both Mid-Centretown and Bank Street south of the Rideau River have intensification potential that has yet to be realized.  Each project has been staffed and funded.  The planning process for these two areas will address the direction given in the final paragraph of the motion.