Council Member Inquiry/Motion Form

Demande de renseignements d’un membre du Conseil /Formulaire de motion





Transportation Committee




26 September 2008


File/Dossier :



To/Dest. :


R. Hewitt, Deputy City Manager, Public Works and Services
N. Schepers, Deputy City Manager, Planning, Transit and the Environment

cc:        K. Wetzel, Director, Fleet Services

            R. Bloess


Subject/Objet :


Inquiry No. TRC-09-08 – Motion – Bloess – Fleet Emission Reduction Strategy (FERS)


Inquiry/Demande de renseignements :


On 24 September 2008, Council approved Item 4 of TRC Report 21-A with respect to the above.  As per Recommendation 1 of that report, staff was directed to update the FERS by Q1 2009 and report back to the TRC and Council on the new Green Fleet Policy within 6 months of the adoption of the FERS.


Would you please take the appropriate steps to ensure this is responded to as per the above-noted timeline.