Council Member Inquiry/Motion Form

Demande de renseignements d’un membre du Conseil /Formulaire de motion





Transportation Committee




26 September 2008


File/Dossier :



To/Dest. :


R. Hewitt, Deputy City Manager, Public Works and Services
N. Schepers, Deputy City Manager, Planning, Transit and the Environment

cc:        K. Wetzel, Director, Fleet Services

            R. Bloess


Subject/Objet :


Inquiry No. TRC-09-08 – Motion – Bloess – Fleet Emission Reduction Strategy (FERS)


Inquiry/Demande de renseignements :


On 24 September 2008, Council approved Item 4 of TRC Report 21-A with respect to the above.  As per Recommendation 1 of that report, staff was directed to update the FERS by Q1 2009 and report back to the TRC and Council on the new Green Fleet Policy within 6 months of the adoption of the FERS.


Would you please take the appropriate steps to ensure this is responded to as per the above-noted timeline.




December 17, 2008


Staff is in the process of updating FERS and it will be presented to Committee in March 2009.  Fleet Services staff will develop and bring forward the Green Fleet Policy within 6 months of the adoption of FERS.