Agriculture overview

As many as 10,000 jobs in the City’s overall economy are directly and indirectly related to agriculture. Farmland occupies about 40 per cent of the municipality's rural lands. Close to 300,000 acres is farmed by almost 1,200 agricultural operations, with cash-crop and livestock farms producing agricultural products.

Other agriculture related businesses include nurseries, tree farms, beekeeping, farm supply businesses, veterinarians, agronomists and specialty niche operations often relating to the agri-tourism industry.

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Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that the unique interests and requirements of the City’s rural areas are addressed by the City. The Committee makes recommendations to Council on the agricultural and associated industries, the rural economy, rural residential communities, land development and landscaping, transportation, water and wastewater services, and environmental protection.

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Agricultural burn permits

If you are applying for an Annual Agricultural Burn Permit, you must provide a copy of your Farm Business Registration Number at the time of application. If you are not the owner of the property, you must provide written authorization from the landowner giving you permission to apply for a permit for that location. This permit will allow you to burn windrows fires overnight from Monday to Friday. These types of fires are usually left to burn for days at a time due to their size (i.e. 50 metres in length, 5 metres in width and 3 metres in height) and require supervision at all times. Find out more about open air fire permits.

There are approximately 800 fire-related deaths in Canada each year. Many of them occur on farms. Ottawa Fire Services provides safety rules for the prevention of farm fires.

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The land application program for biosolids is carried out in accordance with the Best Management Practices established by the City's Medical Officer of Health, and provincial laws and regulations (Ontario and Quebec). For more information refer to Biosolids Management.

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Farm equipment on the highway

The Ministry of Transportation – Farm Guide has been developed to provide general information and clarification for the laws that apply to farm equipment and select provisions that apply to farm trucks.

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Nutrient management

For information on nutrient management and grant opportunities to help offset compliance costs, see livestock.

Tile Drain Loans

Landowners planning to install a tile drainage system on their agricultural land are eligible for a tile loan under an Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs program.

To obtain the appropriate application forms, contact the City of Ottawa Municipal Drainage Unit at 613-580-2424 x25008.

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