Built Heritage Sub-Committee




Vice Chair:


Ex officio:

Councillor Tobi Nussbaum

 Member Barry Padolsky

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson
Councillor Catherine McKenney
Councillor Scott Moffatt

Public Members 

Carolyn Quinn
Leo A. (Sandy) Smallwood

Mayor Jim Watson


Terms of Reference 


The mandate of the Built Heritage Sub-Committee is to advise and assist Council on matters relating to Parts IV and V of the Ontario Heritage Act, 1990, and such other heritage matters as Council may specify by by-law or as specified in the City’s Official Plan.


The Committee shall meet monthly to review applications under the Ontario Heritage Act, 1990. The Committee shall also have:

  1. The authority to recommend to Council, through the appropriate Standing Committee, opportunities to issue notice of intent to designate heritage properties; and
  2. The ability to be consulted by staff and/or have matters referred to it by other Standing Committees relative to the built heritage portfolio. 


The Built Heritage Sub-Committee shall be organized as follows:

  • Four (4) Members of Council including at least:
    • One (1) member of the Planning Committee
    • One (1) member of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
    • One (1) member of Council whose ward encompasses a Heritage Conservation District.
  • Three (3) citizen members, with appropriate experience, appointed by Council. 


The Built Heritage Sub-Committee shall report through the Planning Committee to City Council; however, it may also report to another Standing Committee where appropriate, depending on the issue.

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