Bell Sensplex

The Bell Sensplex is a $25.6 million, state-of-the-art sports facility that provides residents and organized sports teams with year-round access to much-needed facilities in the west end. The Bell Sensplex houses one Olympic-sized international ice surface with seating for 750 fans, as well as three official NHL-sized rinks that each seat 250 fans. The facility is also home to an indoor soccer/sports field that is suitable for a wide range of sports including soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, Ultimate, cricket, and more. Parents, kids, coaches and players appreciate the climate-controlled, year-round playing environment.

The Bell Sensplex was specially designed to encourage comfort, fun and repeat visits by kids and parents alike. A number of special facilities, open and modern interior design features, great food and beverage outlets, the Roger Neilson Coach’s Centre for training and game strategy and the Peak Centre athletic performance team all combine to make the Bell Sensplex a preferred destination for tournaments, practices, games, summer and training camps, and other events.

One visit to the Bell Sensplex and residents will appreciate how the facility’s many recreational advantages satisfy community needs.

Benefits of Bell Sensplex to residents

  • Residents benefit from a world-class recreational facility in the west end.
  • Urban and rural residents gain expanded recreational and community programming through the involvement of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club.
  • Addition of much-needed indoor space for soccer, Ultimate and many other recreational and sporting activities during the winter months.

Where is the Bell Sensplex?

The Bell Sensplex is located at 1565 Maple Grove Road off Terry Fox Drive in the west end of Ottawa. View a map to the Bell Sensplex.


The process leading up to the completion of the Bell Sensplex began in 2002 when staff at the City of Ottawa defined a need for a year-round multi-pad ice and field sports facility in the west end. City Council approved staff’s recommendation for a new facility in February 2003, and the search for a private-sector partner was launched. OCIP was awarded the contract to build the facility, and construction was launched in March 2004. The Bell Sensplex was completed in only 10 months by December 2004, when the facility became available for use.

Project Partners

The Bell Sensplex was created as a result of a Public-Private Partnership between the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Community Ice Partners (OCIP). OCIP was selected as a result of a competitive bidding process for the project.

About OCIP

Ottawa Community Ice Partners (OCIP) members include the Ottawa Senators Hockey Club, Ottawa Senators Alumni, and Morley Hoppner Group. Capital Sports Management, an affiliate of the Ottawa Senators, manages the Bell Sensplex facility on a day-to-day basis. Find out how the partnership works.

Contact the Bell Sensplex

The Bell Sensplex is available for use year round. Visit their Web page for the latest contact info.