Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative

The Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI) is a co-operative of 14 participating municipalities from Ontario, Alberta and Manitoba committed to continuously improving the way services are delivered to citizens. Led by the Chief Administrative Officers (CAOs) and City Managers in each participating municipality, it fosters a culture of service excellence in municipal government.

OMBI helps the City of Ottawa and other participating municipalities increase their efficiency and effectiveness by:

  • Establishing meaningful performance measures for a wide range of municipal program delivery and support areas
  • Making sure they are measured in a consistent way by all municipalities so they can be compared
  • Capturing and reporting that performance information
  • Analyzing the results and comparing them to one another to create group benchmarks
  • Working together to identify and exchange best practices

Participation in OMBI is an important part of the City’s performance management framework. OMBI helps us understand where we are doing well and, in doing so, helps us demonstrate value for the tax dollars the City receives from citizens. OMBI also helps us identify areas where improvements should be considered. Much of OMBI’s value comes from the analysis of the performance information to determine why the results are what they are.

This year, OMBI has published its sixth joint public report on behalf of all 14 participating municipalities. This report presents performance information for services delivered by OMBI municipalities. It provides data for 2012, 2013 and 2014, and describes some factors that influence the delivery of these services. For more information about OMBI and to read this year’s OMBI joint report, visit ombi.ca.

OMBI 2014 Performance Measurement Report

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