Electronic billing with epost for property taxes

Use epost, the City's secure bill viewing and payment service provider to access your property tax bill online.

Enjoy all-in-one-place convenience for bills and statements like your property tax bill and water and sewer bill. Store your bills and statements electronically for up to seven years. View them any time, from anywhere, online.

All taxpayers are eligible to receive their tax bill online even if their payments are made by a mortgage company or through the City's Pre-authorized debit (PAD) plan.

Create an account

Visit epost to create an account. You will be brought away from the City of Ottawa website and brought to the epost site. You will need to provide:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email
  • Postal code

Sign in

Visit epost and click the Log In button in the top right corner. You will be brought away from the City of Ottawa website and brought to the epost site.

Add the City of Ottawa Property Tax bill to your epost account

  1. Select “Add a New bill/Statement”
  2. Search for "City of Ottawa"
  3. Add “City of Ottawa – Property Tax” 
  4. You will need your 19-digit roll number as indicated on your tax bill

Once you have added the tax bill to your epost account

A request to validate your information is immediately sent from epost to the City of Ottawa. Confirmation from the City is quick, taking no more than one business day to complete. Upon validation, your most current statements of account become viewable, printable and payable on-line.

For more detailed instructions and information on epost features, take the epost tour

Should you wish, you may also pay your bill or any outstanding balance online through epostTM or your Internet banking service.