Pre-authorized tax payment plans

The Pre-authorized Tax Payment (PTP) plans offer you the convenience of having no worries about overdue payments and can help you avoid large lump-sum payments. Enrolment in the Plan is free and there are no service charges that apply.

Step One – Pay your current bill

Your tax account must be paid in full. If you have just received a bill, you must send your payment with the plan application (see payment options below). (For a full description and layout of a Final Tax bill, please refer to Understanding your Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan (PTP) Statement (PDF – 82 KB).)

Step Two - Complete the form with your payment option

There are several ways to receive an enrollment form:

  1. Request an electronic pdf form or hardcopy form by e-mail at, if you would like a hardcopy of the form, please include your name and address.
  2. Request hardcopy form in writing to City of Ottawa, Revenue Branch, 100 Constellation Drive, 4th Floor East, Ottawa ON (K2G 6J8), or fax to 613-580-2457. Please include your name and address.
  3. Contact us by phone at 613-580-2444, (Transactions will be recorded) (TTY 613-580-2401). Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (September to May) 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (June to August) or by email at

Payment option 1: Monthly

You will be enrolled in the earliest plan available on the date your application is received.

Standard – deadline November 30: Withdrawals from January to October equivalent to 1/10th of the previous year's taxes from January to June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

Mid-point –deadline April 15: Withdrawals from May to October equivalent to 1/6th of the previous year's taxes in May and June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

Late – deadline January 10: Withdrawals from February to October equivalent to 1/9th of the previous year's taxes from January to June and the balance of the current year's taxes (excluding supplementary billings) equally from July to October.

Select the day of the month for the withdrawal of your payments (the 1st, 8th, 15th, or 22nd). (If no box is checked payments will be withdrawn on the 1st. If more than one box is checked, payments will be withdrawn on the first option checked.)

Payment option 2: Amount due withdrawn on "Tax Due Date"

The City of Ottawa will process a debit equivalent to the taxes as billed (excluding supplementary billings) on the due dates approved by Council.

Step Three - Attach a void cheque

Attach an unsigned cheque marked "VOID" to your enrolment form.

Your void cheque must be for a valid chequing account at a Canadian financial institution. A line of credit or credit card cheque is not acceptable. If you do not have a void cheque, please submit a banking letter from your financial institution detailing your bank account information.

If you wish to have deductions withdrawn from an account that does not belong to one of the registered owners of the property, please submit a letter of undertaking from the financial institution.

Step Four - Send the form and void cheque to the City

Send us your enrolment form and void cheque by one of these methods:

Points to remember:

This authorization will not be required each year. However, every year, you will be notified of your new payment amounts for the following taxation year.

Your pre-authorized tax payment plan is NOT transferable, if you acquire a new property, you must complete a new application form.

If your banking information changes or you wish to withdraw from the plan, you must provide the Revenue Branch with 30 days written notice.

There is a service fee for all payments refused by your banking institution. Subscribers to the Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan, who have more than three refused payments in a year, will be removed from the plan. The balance of the taxes will become due on the regular due dates and subject to standard penalties and interest of 1.25% per month for any late payments.

Supplementary Tax Bills are not included in the plan

If you are enrolled in the City's Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan and receive a supplementary bill for improvements to your property, the terms and conditions of the plan require you to pay these tax charges separately by the due date stated on the bill.

Pre-authorized Payment Plan Questions

If I register in the Pre-authorized Tax Payment plan will I receive a tax bill?

Yes,all Pre-authorized Tax Payment Plan subscribers will receive a tax bill .
Monthly Plan subscribers will receive their final tax bill for their review and records between the months of June and July.
Instalment Plan subscribers will receive a bill indicating the pre-authorized automatic withdrawal on the two due dates, the interim and the final.

Can I change my payment details after I enrol in the plan?

Yes, submit a "Request for change(s) - Pre-authorized Tax/Water and Sewers Accounts" form at least 30 days before the change is to take place.

Last updated: February 19, 2014

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