Organizational Alignment

On July 13, 2016, City Manager Steve Kanellakos announced changes to the City of Ottawa’s organizational structure with consolidated departments and a smaller, more effective senior leadership team that was endorsed by Council.

The final step of the organizational alignment, which included further changes to the City’s structure, was implemented in early October. These changes included:

  • Flattening management: Managers will have increased accountability, responsibility and more direct-reports
  • Empowering staff: With fewer layers of management, the work of our highly-skilled employees will be more efficient and productivity will increase
  • Stabilizing our workforce: Most acting positions have been confirmed and temporary positions have been reduced
  • Consolidating service areas: Departments have aligned their structures and grouped similar service areas to better support the public
  • Streamlining administration: A Business Support Services (BSS) branch has been created in each department which will serve as the strategic and administrative hub of the organization
  • Delivering services within the Council-established tax target: The corporate efficiency target of $14 million has been realized, addressing the targets in this budget year for both 2017 and 2018

For more information on the organizational alignment, please review Steve Kanellakos’ City Manager’s Message, frequently asked questionsbackgrounders and organizational charts.