French Language Services Branch


The French Language Services Branch (FLS) was created in May 2001 following the adoption of the Bilingualism Policy by City Council. FLS is focused on the delivery of services in French as outlined in the Policy and thereby ensures the provision of French language services to City of Ottawa residents and employees. It also promotes services in French within the City's various departments. Finally, FLS coordinates the City’s translation services.

Functions and services

The FLS in cooperation with relevant stakeholders from the Francophone community:

  • Supports the City Administration in the proactive delivery of French language services to the City of Ottawa
  • Provides guidance to City staff on the implementation of the Bilingualism Policy
  • Assists departments in developing, implementing and evaluating programs and services offered in French
  • Assists departments in adjusting their communications strategies to better reach the Francophone community
  • Receives and handles complaints pertaining to French language services
  • Supports the French Language Services Advisory Committee in carrying out its mandate

If you have any inquiries, complaints or comments pertaining to bilingual services, please contact:

French Language Services 
Telephone: 613-580-2424, ext. 29410 
Fax: 613-580-2567