Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) – Program description and application

Next application deadline: May 01, 2017

The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program provides funding for projects that protect surface water and groundwater quality. 

Eligible Landowners

  • Any property in rural Ottawa
  • Agricultural or well decommissioning and septic projects within Ottawa’s urban boundary
  • Non-profit organizations are also eligible for demonstration and other educational projects

*Our interactive map shows the urban and rural boundaries as well as the Well Head Protection Areas.

Applicants must:

  • Apply prior to starting work on your project
  • Obtain all necessary permits, approvals, and meet all legal requirements
  • Complete a 3rd or 4th Edition Environmental Farm Plan (farm projects), or Healthy Home Guidebook (non-farm projects). Canadian Organic Certification is also accepted for some farm projects
  • Maintain the project once completed

What is generally eligible for funding?

  • Materials and supplies
  • Contract labour and professional fees
  • Permits
  • Reasonable in-kind contributions for applicant’s labour ($20/hr) and equipment ($50/hr) to complete the approved project

Need help developing a project?

  • Free advisory service for stewardship projects, including a site visit to your property

To find out more, please consult the applicant guide and application form.

Eligible projects Maximum grant % Maximum grant $
Nutrient Management
Manure storage and treatment 50% $15,000
Washwater treatment 50% $5,000
Nutrient management/precision farming plans 50% $1,000
Watercourse fencing 90% $7,500
Soil Protection
Erosion control 90% $7,500
Tile outlet erosion control 75% $2,500
Cover crops $50 per acre per year. Maximum: 20 acres; 3 years
Water Management
Clean water diversion 50% $5,000
Tile drain control structures 50% $5,000
Chemical or fuel storage 50% $1,000
Well decommissioning 90% $3,000
Septic system repair or replacement 50% $1,000 
Land Stewardship
Watercourse buffers 90% $7,500
Natural windbreaks 75% $6,000
Land retirement incentive 90% $7,500

Forest and Wetland Management Plan

75% $750
Educational initiatives
Educational initiatives 75% $5,000
Innovative projects 50% $5,000

If you would like more information, please contact:

LandOwner Resource Centre
P.O. Box 599
3889 Rideau Valley Drive
Manotick ON
K4M 1A5
Tel: 613-692-3571 ext. 1136
Fax: 613-692-0831

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