Tile outlet erosion control

The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) provides funding for projects that protect surface water and groundwater quality. To find out more, please consult the program description.


  • Maximum grant: 75 per cent up to $2,500 per year.

Project Description:

Streambank erosion protection at tile outlets; does not include cost of tile outlets or tile runs.

Project Details:

  • Funding is available to repair existing tile outlets only; tile outlets associated with new tile drainage installations are NOT eligible.
  • All structures must include rigid outlet pipe, rodent gate, and proper rock protection with filter cloth underneath.
  • All projects must be properly designed in accordance with the specifications included in the OMAFRA publication 832 entitled “Agricultural Erosion Control Structures – A Design and Construction Manual.” A link to the list of certified Land Improvement Contractors of Ontario (LICO) is available on the LICO web site.
  • The City of Ottawa Drainage Superintendent must approve work completed along a municipal drain. Applicants must provide a copy of the approval document.

NOTE: Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that the project meets all legal requirements, including City by-laws, provincial and federal acts/regulations, and Conservation Authority permits/approvals.

Eligible Costs:

  • Permits and approvals
  • Purchased materials and supplies
  • Contract labour and professional fees
  • Equipment rentals related to repair of the tile outlets
  • Reasonable in-kind contributions for applicant’s labour ($20/hr) and equipment ($50/hr) associated with the implementation of the proposed project

The Program reserves the right to limit the eligible amount for in-kind contributions based on the proposed project. Applicants must provide a detailed written accounting of all in-kind contributions when the application is submitted. In-kind costs associated with completing the application, project planning, supervision, or administration, are not eligible for funding.

Ineligible Costs:

  • Installation of tile outlets and costs associated with tile drain installation
  • Taxes

Other Complementary Grants Available:

  • Tile drain control structures
  • Erosion control
  • Watercourse buffers
  • Cover crops