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Want to make your neighbourhood more liveable? The Neighbourhood Connection Office Toolkit (Toolkit) is a “do-it-yourself”, go-to resource that will help you do just that. Practical tips, hands-on tools, creative ideas and possible funding sources for your small-scale projects …

Miniparc sur rue situé à Seattle. Référence photographique : Mark Hogan, San Francisco (Californie)

Streetside spots are small outdoor spaces created by temporarily re-purposing on-street parking.

The Neighbourhood Connection Office

The Neighbourhood Connection Office (NCO) helps residents and community groups work together on small-scale projects that make their neighbourhoods more liveable, vibrant, healthy and beautiful. It could be things like making streets more walkable, revitalizing a park, or artistic initiatives such as street painting.

For great ideas, tools and resources to make your neighbourhood more liveable, be sure to check out our ‘do-it-yourself’ Toolkit.