Urban Design Guidelines for Low-rise Infill Housing

Update on the Ontario Municipal Board Appeal Against the Infill Zoning By-law Amendment

On July 8, 2015, Council approved the Infill II By-law 2015-228, which deals with building mass, height, rear and side setbacks, projections, and discreet intensification in low density residential zones (R1 to R4) in inner and outer-urban wards (Wards 7 to 18). It is important to consult with City Staff (Development Information Officer) to ensure proper interpretation of the By-law provisions.

Following adoption of By-law 2015-228, appeals were filed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

A pre-hearing was held on January 5, 2016, where staff indicated to the OMB that a discussion was ongoing with the Appellants and Participants to resolve the issues raised under the appeals.

Following several meetings held with all parties, a partial settlement was reached on May 2.

This settlement is to be presented for endorsement to Planning Committee on June 14, 2016 and Council on June 22, 2016.

A second pre-hearing is scheduled for July 11, 2016 where staff will present the endorsed settlement to the OMB. The revisions to the By-law resulting from the settlement will become in full force upon OMB endorsement.

The revised By-law will be available following endorsement by the OMB.

Mature Neighbourhoods Streetscape Character Analysis

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This is a series of design guidelines for infill housing to help fulfill some of the design strategies for Ottawa as outlined in the Official Plan. It is intended as a basic framework for the physical layout, massing, functioning and relationships of infill buildings to their neighbours.

Urban Design Guidelines for Low-rise Infill Housing - May 2012 [ PDF - 2 MB ]

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Streetscapes
3.0 Landscape
4.0 Building Design (Built Form)
5.0 Parking and Garages
6.0 Heritage Building Alterations/Additions
7.0 Service Elements
8.0 Infill on Narrow Lots
9.0 Glossary
10.0 Appendix: How Design Guidelines fit with the current Development Approval process