Urban Design Guidelines for Low-rise Infill Housing

This is a series of design guidelines for infill housing to help fulfill some of the design strategies for Ottawa as outlined in the Official Plan. It is intended as a basic framework for the physical layout, massing, functioning and relationships of infill buildings to their neighbours.

Update on the Ontario Municipal Board Appeal Against the Infill Zoning By-law Amendment

Information Session

Monday, June 17, 2013
7 to 8:30 p.m., Presentation at 7:30 p.m.
City Hall, Champlain Room
110 Laurier Avenue West

The purpose of the meeting is to provide an update on the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal against the Infill Zoning By-law 2012-147 that was adopted by City Council on May 9, 2012, and subsequently amended by By-laws 2012-347 and 2012-348. The Infill Zoning By-law affects all residentially-zoned lands located within Wards 12, 14, 15, 17 and part of Ward 13.

The OMB issued an Interim Order directing City staff to document specific attributes that, in part, assist in the creation of neighbourhood character within those areas affected specifically by Infill By-law 2012-147, as amended.

Staff will provide an update to the public concerning the staff response to the OMB's Order, including the methodology that is being used to document the prominent character of each neighbourhood, as identified as the predominant use of land along a street, as seen from that street.

Note that this information session will speak solely to the OMB Interim Order and not to the zoning regulations that were adopted by Council in By-law 2012-147, and its amendments and subsequently appealed, as these matters are now before the OMB.

A Planning Report will be prepared for consideration at the June 25, 2013 Planning Committee, and by City Council on June 26, 2013.

For further information please contact:

Beth Desmarais
Planning and Growth Management
City of Ottawa
110 Laurier Avenue West
613-580-2424, ext. 13503
E-mail: elizabeth.desmarais@ottawa.ca

Urban Design Guidelines for Low-rise Infill Housing - May 2012 [ PDF - 2 MB ]

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Streetscapes
3.0 Landscape
4.0 Building Design (Built Form)
5.0 Parking and Garages
6.0 Heritage Building Alterations/Additions
7.0 Service Elements
8.0 Infill on Narrow Lots
9.0 Glossary
10.0 Appendix: How Design Guidelines fit with the current Development Approval process