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Construction information

Construction is planned for Spring 2015 to Summer 2017.  Find out how it will impact your daily commute.  Sign up at to receive news through your e-mail!

Traffic impacts

9 December 2016

Main Street

All vehicular lanes are now re-opened to traffic. The cycle tracks south of Clegg will remain closed until they are completed in the spring.

Traffic restrictions [ PDF – 194 KB ]

The public can assist the Ottawa Police Service by filing traffic complaints and report unsafe drivers by calling the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222 extension 7300 or by submitting a report.

Refer to the following documents for additional details.

Project status – on going and up coming

9 December 2016

Welcome to the last edition of the Main Street Construction Newsletter for 2016. The snow has arrived and the preparations for winter shutdown are nearing completion. There will be no construction over the winter months. The only activity you may notice will be the lining of some sewer sections south of Clegg Street which may have some minor traffic impact during off-peak hours.

Construction will resume in the spring (likely in April) and should wrap up by the end June.  Here are some of the major activities for 2017:

  • Rebuilt of a Hydro manhole north of Riverdale;
  • Installation of the glass panels for the Public Art;
  • Completion of the work (retaining walls and sidewalk) at the corner of Lees Avenue;
  • Construction of the concrete islands at Mason Terrace, Riverdale Avenue, Elliot Avenue and the McIlraith Bridge approach;
  • Paving of the top lift of asphalt (south of Clegg Street);
  • Installation of the demarcator stones between the cycle track and the sidewalk (south of Clegg Street), and;
  • Landscaping (sod, trees, garden reinstatements).

All vehicular lanes are now re-opened to traffic. The cycle tracks south of Clegg will remain closed until they are completed in the spring.

A photo of the Main Street intersection at Bower Street/Beckwith Road.

The Main Street Construction Newsletter will take a break over the winter months and will return on an as required basis in 2017.  The Main Street Construction Team would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents and business owners of Old Ottawa East, as well as all users of the Main Street corridor, for their patience and cooperation during the past construction season.  We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a Joyful New Year!

Did you know?

The Main Street Renewal project has seen many new investments in the corridor (wider sidewalks, cycle tracks, street trees, street furniture, etc). The installation of recycling units (coming soon) - although less glamorous than the cycle tracks - will also improve the corridor.

The recycling units to be installed on Main Street.

The recycling units are constructed out of a durable stainless steel frame. Each unit will have three receptacles – bottles and cans, trash and paper. Each of these receptacles will be clearly marked with unique openings to encourage people to make conscious decisions about waste every time they approach a recycling bin. The design of the container will ensure that bags are fully contained within the bin and not generally visible. Access to collect material is from the top of the bin so that collection will not be hindered by accumulated snow or snow that has been pushed against the bin by snowplows. The openings to the bins themselves will be semi-protected to prevent snow and rain infiltration as well. The general approach to providing street furniture is to provide a high quality, low maintenance manner of waste collection. As the streetscape has been rebuilt, the bins are part of a coordinated suite of streetscape elements and will blend well with the newly installed benches, bicycle racks, and other street furniture.

Treat the receptacles like you would your blue and black boxes at home. Most glass, metal and plastic go into the “bottles and cans” receptacle and most paper and cardboard go into the “paper” receptacle. Follow the guidelines on the City of Ottawa’s website. Everyone needs to do their part and use these new bins to benefit the environment and keep our renewed streetscape looking clean!