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MacFarlane Road Paved Shoulders

Overview of MacFarlane Road project

Project description

Site location map showing the limitations of the project on MacFarlane Road between Merivale Road and Deakin Street

The City of Ottawa will enhance the cycling facilities along both sides of MacFarlane Road by adding paved shoulders along the existing road edge from Merivale Road to Deakin Street. This project is identified in the approved 2015 Council Community Pathways and Connections Strategic Initiative #9.

Pavement markings, signage and strategic shoulder paving on MacFarlane will provide cyclists a mixture of on-street bicycle lanes and paved shoulders.  A short (140 m) section in the eastbound direction will be implemented as a shared sidewalk for bicycles and pedestrians.

MacFarlane Road will retain its current function as a two lane major collector roadway. The configuration of vehicle lanes at the ends of MacFarlane Road will remain the same but parking will no longer be allowed along either side of MacFarlane.

The functional design for the MacFarlane Paved Shoulders includes the following planned improvements:

  • Paved shoulders  along the straightaway to provide a 1.2 wide shared-use lane on each side of MacFarlane Road
  • On-street bicycle lane for westbound approach to Merivale Road
  • Signage to designate a 2 m wide asphalt pathway as a shared sidewalk for travel eastbound from Merivale Road
  • On-street bicycle lanes for east and westbound travel to and from Deakin Street.
  • Advisory lane markings across entrances to MacFarlane Road

Typical Cross Section [ PDF - 34 KB ]

A paved shoulder has been completed on MacFarlane Road from Merivale Road to Deakin Street to increase Community Connectivity. The project involved milling and paving of the previous granular shoulder, with additional signage and pavement markings. The final pavement marking in the northbound direction between O’Donnell Court and Deakin Street is a shared lane rather than a bicycle lane.

Project Timing and Scope

Construction Start:                  Summer/Fall 2016
Construction Completion:        Fall 2016


Design and Construction:          $244 K

For more information 

Louis Quigley
Project Manager
Design & Construction – Branch 2
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
2135 Huntley Road
Ottawa, Ontario
Tel.:  613-580-2424, ext. 15267