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2016 Sidewalk Program

Each year, the Infrastructure Services Department repairs and replaces deteriorated sidewalks and curbs to help improve mobility in our community.

Below is a list of locations where rehabilitation or replacement work will take place this year. Work is typically carried out between May and November each year. The specific timing of a project depends on several factors, including weather, contractor scheduling and availability.

If you have questions about a specific location, please contact the project manager indicated next to the project name by calling 613-580-2424 and entering the extension listed:

Sidewalk, curb and ramp rehabilitation

  • Alta Vista Hospital Link, Alta Vista Drive (Balfour Avenue to Valour Drive) – Bruce Kenny (Ext. 20128)
  • Approximately 45m of asphalt sidewalk on Colonial Road on both sides of Delson Drive in Navan – Charles Cameron (Ext. 21739)
  • Appleton Drive (Beaverpond Drive to Meadowbrook Road) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Beaverpond Drive (Blair Road to Appleton Drive) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Blair Road (Innes Road to 60m north of Innes Road) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Boudreau Street (Lavergne Street to Granville Street) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Columbus Avenue at Quill Street, Columbus Avenue at Lola Street, sidewalk improvements with Columbus Avenue at intersections only for cross streets (approximate 60m sidewalk) – Pat Sammon (Ext. 29843)
  • Coventry Road (125m west of Lola Street to the Vanier Parkway) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Data Centre Road (Riverside Drive to Heron Road) – Francisco Gomez –Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)
  • Deschamps Avenue (Vanier Parkway to Marier Avenue) – spot repairs – Mario Kotowski (Ext. 26075)
  • Dunning Road (Wilhaven Drive to Old Montreal Road) – spot repairs - John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Elwood Street (Seguin Street to Montreal Road) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Gilmour Street, north and south side (Elgin Street to Queen Elizabeth Drive)
  • Glen Park pathway (Glen Park Drive to Innes Road) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Granville Street (Montreal Road to Boudreau Street) - spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Hunt Club Road (Malak Street to Conroy Road) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Iris St North (Greenbank Rd to Woodroffe Ave) – Spot Repairs – Marc Bezanson (Ext. 31318)
  • Knudson Drive, west side (Sherk Crescent south to approx. 75m north) – Patrick Chamney (Ext. 28929)
  • Lakeview Terrace – Matthew Strampel (Ext. 21796)
  • Lees Avenue (Mann Avenue to Chapel Crescent) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Lombardy Drive (Gordon Murdock Drive to Andrasi Crescent) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Lorry Greenberg Drive (Sturbridge Private to Zaidan Drive) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • McIlraith Bridge – Lei Gong (Ext. 22738)
  • Main Street (Harvey Street to the McIlraith Bridge) - Josee Vallee (Ext. 21805)
  • Marier Avenue (Ethel Street to Montreal Road) – spot repairs – Mario Kotowski (Ext. 26075)
  • Manotick Main Street at Tighe Street – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalex (Ext. 21887)
  • Meath Street (Carling Avenue to Thames Street) – Max Ross (Ext. 16011)
  • Metcalfe Street (McLeod Street to Argyle Avenue) – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)
  • Minto Bridge east and centre – Lei Gong (Ext. 22738)
  • Montreal Road (100m east of Beckenham Lane to Laporte Street) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Navaho Drive north (Sherman Drive to Agincourt Road) – Marc Bezanson (Ext. 31318)
  • Old Innes Road/Sheffield Road (Dead end to 320 m south of Leeds Avenue) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Old St. Laurent Boulevard (Joliffe Street to Foley Avenue) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Path link (Pauline Charron Place to Dunbarton Court) – Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Place D’Orléans Boulevard (St. Joseph Boulevard to OR174 eastbound off ramp) - Houssam Alchawa (Ext. 25692)
  • Preston Street at Poplar Street – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)
  • Richmond Road (Forest Street to Assaly Road) – Max Ross (Ext. 16011)
  • River Road (Mitch Owens Road to Leitrim Road) – spot repairs at Mitch Owens – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Riverside Drive (on/off ramps to Bronson Avenue) – spot repairs – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Spencer Street, north side (Holland Avenue to Western Avenue) – Tara Blasioli (Ext. 23970)
  • St. Laurent Boulevard at 520 St. Laurent Boulevard - Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext 21887)
  • Woodridge Crescent at 98 Woodridge Crescent – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)

New Sidewalk Links

  • Alta Vista Hospital Link, east side of Riverside Drive (Frobisher Lane to Hincks Lane)
  • Balmoral Place at dead end – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Crystal Beach (Carling Ave to Ullswater Ave) – Carolyn Newcombe (Ext. 28230)
  • Cyrville Road (Ogilvie Road to 270m north of Meadowbrook Road) – Jamie MacDonald (Ext. 16151)
  • Fortune Drive at culvert crossing (approximate 32 m) – Julie Lyons (Ext. 13343)
  • Greenbank Road (Foxfield Drive to Berrigan Drive) – Susan Johns (Ext. 16003)
  • Iris Street south (Greenbank Road to Woodroffe Avenue) – Marc Bezanson (Ext. 31318)
  • Jeanne d’Arc Boulevard (Rossignol Drive west to Trim Road) – Nathan Fudge (Ext. 16152)
  • Lancaster Road (St. Laurent Boulevard to 230 m east of St. Laurent Boulevard north side) – John Morand (Ext. 15237)
  • Lyman Street (Kirkwood Avenue to Hilson Avenue) – Jeff de Laat (Ext. 21916)
  • Mer Bleue Road (Hydro transmission corridor to 250 metres north of Renaud Road) – Joe Mojsej (Ext. 16203)
  • 2607 Montreal Road to Faubert Street (half rehabilitation/half new)
  • Morrena Road to Abbotsford Road on the south side of Morrena Road – Gregory Hawke (Ext. 15686)
  • Navaho Drive south (Sherman Drive to Agincourt Road) – Marc Bezanson (Ext. 31318)
  • Newmarket Street (Bantree Street to Michael Street) – Jamie MacDonald (Ext. 16151)
  • North side of Katimavik Road starting approximately 235m east of Terry Fox Drive all the way to Davies Avenue (new multi-use pathway) – Steve Stoddard (Ext. 27880)
  • North side of Katimavik Road starting at McGibbon Drive heading east all the way to Eagleson Road (new multi-use pathway) – Steve Stoddard (Ext. 27880)
  • Osborne Street – Luc Frechette (Ext. 15304)
  • Rideau River Drive (Main Street to the cul-de-sac) – as part of the Main Street renewal - Josee Vallee (Ext. 21805)
  • Rideau Valley Drive South ( Roger Stevens Drive to North Bridge limit) – Franco Bonanno (Ext. 21775)
  • St. Joseph Boulevard (Trim Road to OR174 eastbound on-ramp) – Joe Mojsej (Ext. 16203)
  • Spencer Street, small portion on south side (Holland Avenue to Huron Road) – Tara Blasioli (Ext. 23970)
  • Starting at northwest corner of McGibbon Drive and Katimavik Road heading west to the first bus stop
  • Tenth Line Road (Brian Coburn Boulevard to Harvest Valley Avenue) – Marc Beauregard (Ext. 21848)
  • Teron Road (Beaverbrook Road to Compeau Drive), Compeau Drive (Provincial Police Lane to March Road/Eagleson Road) and Knightsbridge Road (Lockart Avenue to Sherbourne Road) – Max Ross (Ext. 16011)
  • Valin Street (Demeter Street to Winsome Terrace) – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)
  • Viewmount Drive (Overlake Drive to Biscayne Crescent) – Francisco Gomez-Gonzalez (Ext. 21887)

Spot repairs to concrete and asphalt sidewalks

  • Airport Parkway ramps (adjacent to Hunt Club Road) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Bridge Street (Manotick Main Street to River Road) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Chamberlain Avenue (Kent Street to 60m west of Bank Street) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Island Park Drive (Carling Avenue to Byron Avenue) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Kent Street (Catherine Street to Wellington Street) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Majestic Drive (Sherry Lane to Woodroffe Avenue) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Merivale Road (Baseline Road to 110m north of Central Park Drive) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Revelstoke Drive (Kamloops Avenue east to Leopold’s Drive) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Royal York Street (Fortune Street to Fowler Street) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)
  • Uplands Drive (Hunt Club Road to Country Club Drive east) – Lou Quigley (Ext. 15267)