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Carp snow disposal facility

Overview - Carp snow disposal facility

Updated March 2017.

The City of Ottawa has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment (EA) study to establish a new snow disposal facility in the west end.   The City’s strategic snow disposal plan (2002) had identified the need to provide for 308,000 cubic metres of capacity within one or more snow disposal facilities in the west end. In 2009, the City reviewed several properties in the west end for potential development as a SDF and selected the property at 2125 Carp Road as being a suitable candidate.  To accommodate growth and a 1:50 year annual snowfall, the design of the SDF should target a snow volume of 357,000 cubic metres.  

Snow disposal facilities that comply with the Ministry of Environment’s Guideline “Snow Disposal and De-icing Operations in Ontario” are generally pre-approved projects; however, the property being considered will require off site drainage improvements and thus is being planned as a Schedule B project in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Engineers Association Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (MCEA, amended 2011).

The attached map shows the snow disposal study area.   The Study area includes Kanata, both north and south of Highway 417, Stittsville and the surrounding rural area.

Project timing

Design is complete
Tender completion: late Spring 2017
Construction start: Summer 2017
Construction completion: Spring 2018

An Open House was held in February 2013 to present a Phase 1 report which described the need for a snow disposal facility in the west end and the evaluation of various properties.  A second Open House (POH2) will be held August 6th, 2013 to present the draft Phase 2 report.  The Phase 2 report summarizes the technical studies completed for the development of the SDF.  Following POH2, a Notice of Completion shall be published in the local newspaper and will advise the public where the Phase 2 will be made available for review for a period of 30 days.

On completion of the MCEA, the City intends to seek Environmental Compliance Approvals for the implementation of infrastructure for drainage improvements, stormwater management pond, and a meltwater facility (pond). 

The City will require an amendment to the Zoning by-Law (ZBL) to allow a SDF to be established at this location.  The approval for the ZBL amendment is in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act, a process that is independent of the MCEA.

Members of the public, agencies, and other interested persons are invited to provide comments for incorporation into the planning and design of this project.  If you would like to be added to our project mailing list or have project related questions, please contact:

Carolyn Newcombe, Project Manager
Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department
Design & Construction – Branch 2
100 Constellation Drive, 6th Floor.
Ottawa, ON  K2G 6J8
Phone: 613-580-2424 ext. 28230
Fax: 613-580-2587

Information will be collected in accordance with Ontario’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record. 

Open house display boards - August 6, 2013

If you require further translations on the attached .pdfs, please contact Carolyn Newcombe at (613) 580-2424 ext 28230

Welcome to the City of Ottawa Carp Road Snow Disposal Facility

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Public Open House 2


Consultation is a key component of the environmental assessment (EA) process.

The purpose of consultation is to raise awareness and to solicit input fulfilled in part through Public Open Houses. Throughout Phase I and II of the EA, there will be opportunities for the public to comment at key milestones of the project. This is the second of two Public Open Houses planned for this EA.

This Public Open House presents:

  • Description of the environment
  • Design alternatives considered
  • Preferred solution

As you read through the presentation boards and view the presentation, we invite you to share your feedback on the description of the environment, design alternatives and recommendation of a preferred solution.

  Project Overview

The City of Ottawa receives an average of 235.7 cm of snow annually and is responsible for road maintenance including snow clearing, haulage and its disposal at selected sites.   In 2010, the City estimated it required  3.854 million cubic metres of capacity throughout the City to service its urban snow disposal needs; also, the City identified a deficiency of approximately 0.5 million in disposal capacity, of which 0.2 million was for servicing the West end.

The City’s (2009) Evaluation of Properties for a West District Snow Disposal Facility identified the disposal capacity needed to service the West End to be approximately 357,000 cubic metres. The City reviewed ten potential locations and selected the property at 2125 Carp Road as having potential for development as a SDF.

Closure of several snow disposal locations in Ottawa’s West End (Whalen Park, Glen Cairn, Maple Grove A, Greenbank), with anticipated closure of existing sites at Carp and Maple Grove B   have highlighted a need to provide replacement snow disposal capacity in the West End.

During 2012/2013, investigative studies were completed and the following recommendations are made for site development:

  1. Lower upstream invert of the existing culvert at the Highway 417 outlet to invert elevation 126.19m  to improve on site drainage;
  2. Increase capacity of culverts crossing Westbrook Road to accommodate the 100-yr water level; 
  3. Construct a stormwater pond on site with a footprint of approximately 4ha;
  4. Construct a SDF with a 357,000m3 snow pack capacity and provide a GCL or geomembrane liner beneath dump pad and snow stockpile area to protect groundwater quality and surrounding wells.  Snow stockpile to maintain a 100m setback from residence to the east and include a 4m high berm along the east side for noise attenuation.  Snow stockpile height not to exceed 15m. Provide lighting along access road and dump pad;
  5. Construct a snow meltwater pond (with bottom and sides lined with a GCL or geomembrane) for quality control including an oil/grease interceptor;
  6. Add a right hand turn lane on Westbrook Road – 90m stacking + 60m taper
  7. Off-site improvements to roadside ditches and culverts.
  8. Monitoring program for surface water quality during the melt period.

West End Snow Catchment Areas

West End Snow Catchment Areas [ PDF - 227 KB ]

2125 Carp Road - General Site Vicinity

2125 Carp Road - General Site Vicinity [ PDF - 871 KB ]

Site Walk Through – April 2012

Site Walk Through – April 2012 [ PDF - 939 KB ]

Studies Completed for Phase 2 & Future Approvals

Studies Completed in Phase 2

  • Natural Environment Impact Statement
  • Hydrogeology/Groundwater Impact
  • Transportation Impact Study
  • Drainage
  • Stormwater Management
  • Receiving Stream/Meltwater
  • Acoustic (Noise) Assessment
  • Stage 1 Archaeological Assessment
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Illumination
  • Visual Assessment

Future Approvals

  • Approval of MCEA from Ministry of the Environment
  • Approval of Zoning By-Law amendment (City)
  • Environmental Compliance Approval for stormwater pond (MOE)
  • Environmental Compliance Approval for meltwater pond (MOE)
  • Approval of technical report and design drawings submitted for Site Plan Control (City)
  • Letter of Acceptance of the Stage 2 Archaeological Assessment Report into the Provincial Registry (MTCS)

Conceptual Site Layout

Conceptual Site Layout [ PDF - 3 MB ] 

Site Design Considerations

The following are some key issues that need to be considered in the design of the Site:

  • Groundwater protection – the snow disposal pad will be underlain by a low permeability liner to prevent salts and other contaminants from entering the groundwater system.
  • Surface Water protection – meltwater runoff from the snow pile will be directed to a lined pond to remove sediment (including metals), oils and other contaminants from the effluent stream.
  • Stormwater – features for the treatment of runoff
  • Drainage - due to existing drainage problems off-site, namely a linear retention pond at an adjacent property and roadside drainage, site development will be addressing these issues.
  • Landscaping – visual screening of the Site, through tree cover and berms, will be a priority
  • Other features of the site development will include site entrance design to accommodate truck traffic, access road, mitigative measures for noise, security, lighting, fencing.

Potential Environmental Effects and Proposed Mitigation Measures

Environmental Effects 1 [ PDF - 63 KB ]

Environmental Effects 2 [ PDF - 59 KB ]

View from 417 Highway

Landscaping View [ PDF - 624 KB ]

Groundwater Flow

Groundwater Elevation Map [ PDF - 170 KB ]

Acoustic Assessment

Acoustic Assessment Map [ PDF - 1.8 MB ]

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment [ PDF - 447 KB ]

Next Steps in the Municipal Class EA (MCEA) Process

  • Review and document input received from this Public Open House 2
  • Revise DRAFT MCEA Phase 1&2 report.
  • Post Notice of Completion and advise public where report will be made available for 30 day review
  • Implementation

 Project Schedule

Project Schedule [ PDF - 32 KB ]  

Thank You

For more information you can also visit City of Ottawa’s website for this project at:

Following this session, comments may be directed to:

Carp Road Snow Disposal Facility Project:

Carolyn Newcombe, Project Manager
Infrastructure Services Dept.
100 Constellation Crescent, 6th floor
Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Phone: 613-580-2424 ext 28230
Fax: 613-580-2587