Demolition control

When a property owner wishes to demolish all or part of a building, a Demolition Permit is normally issued by Building Code Services along with the building permit for the replacement structure.

However, if no building permit for a replacement building has been issued, Demolition Control approval from the Planning and Growth Management Department may be necessary. Demolition Control approval is required in cases where all of the following are true:

  • Where no building permit for a new building on the site has been issued; 
  • Where the demolition will result in the elimination of one or more residential dwelling units; 
  • Where the building to be demolished is located within the Area of Demolition Control as defined by Schedule 1 of the Demolition Control By-law 2012-377.

Even in cases where all of the above conditions are true, the proposed demolition may still be exempt from the Demolition Control approval if:

  • An order to remove the residential property has been issued under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act,1997, S.O. 1997, c.4
  • The residential property has been found to be unsafe under section 15.10 of the Building Code Act, 1992 and an order has been issued under that section.

How to apply

Before making an application, you should discuss your proposal with staff. Please review the Fee Schedule for the appropriate fee. Application forms are available at all Client Service Centres or online together with the requirements for submissions. It should be submitted at one of the City’s Client Service Centres with the required fee and any other information that may be needed to assess your application.

What Happens Next

The application will be processed by staff, who circulate it to City Departments, the Ward Councillor, Community Organizations and required public bodies for comments. A sign will be installed on the property briefly describing the proposal.

Once all comments have been received, the planner assigned to the application will prepare a report with a recommendation to either approve or refuse the request for Demolition Control approval.

In most cases the report will be directed to the General Manager of Planning and Growth Management, who will make a decision under delegated authority from Council. However, when the proposal is to demolish a heritage building, or when the Ward Councillor withdraws delegated authority from the General Manager, the matter will be referrred to the Planning Committee. You may appear at the Committee meeting to present your views, since this is a public meeting. The recommendation of Committee then proceeds to City Council, who will make the final decision to approve or refuse the Demolition Control application.

Further Information

This publication is intended to provide general information only. The original by-laws, acts, regulations and other relevant documents should be consulted for detailed reference. For more information please visit one of the Client Service Centres or call the City of Ottawa at 3-1-1.

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