Planning Primer Courses and Electives

Online materials now available for Courses and Electives

Primer 1 [ PDF 1.182 MB ] Version 1 posted fall 2015

Primer II [ PDF 1.762 MB ] Version 1 posted fall 2015


Development Charges Elective [ PDF 640 KB ]

Park Planning Elective [ PDF 5.807 MB ]

Residential Intensification and Infill Elective [ PDF 6.083 KB ]

Heritage Planning Elective [ PDF 3.550 MB ]

Secondary Planning Processes Elective [ PDF 9.959 MB ]

Natural Systems Elective [ 4.923 MB ]

Planning for Healthy Communities Elective [ PDF 3.198 MB ]

While attending the courses in person allows one to benefit from the personal knowledge shared by the presenters and the question and answer periods, these online materials will provide a useful summary for use between courses as well as for those who are unable to attend in person.

The online materials follow the same basic outline as the course notes provided to participants who attend Primer I and II. At this time, attendance at the courses is required in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Expansion of the online Planning Primer materials is under way.

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