Reid Park

Final Concept Plan

On June 25, 2013, a public meeting was held at the Hintonburgh Community Centre to present two preliminary concept plan options for the redevelopment of Reid Park.   The public presentation was very well attended and participants provided valuable feedback on the concept options, which resulted in the preparation of the Reid Park Redevelopment Final Concept Plan (1 MB) for the redevelopment of Reid Park.   

The following are the primary features of the final concept plan:

  • Replacement of the existing park building (former Reid Farmhouse) with a new 3,000 SF Community Building, to be located between the wading pool and the parking lot behind the Elmdale Lawn Bowling  Club.  This existing parking lot will be opened to the general public to serve the new community building, the lawn bowling club and all park facilities.  The small parking lot and vehicular access off Reid Avenue will be removed and returned to green space. 
  • Widening of the existing lane linking McFarlane Avenue to the parking lot behind the lawn bowling club to meet winter maintenance and emergency access standards, along with the installation of new fencing and gates to maintain the security of the lawn bowling club grounds.
  • Re-use of the heritage stone salvaged from the foundation of the former Reid Farmhouse.  The stone is to be re-purposed in the construction of sitting walls around the children’s playground and/or the design of a new gazebo in the park.
  • Installation of a heritage interpretation feature highlighting the land use history of the park and the former Reid farm and house.
  • Development of a large dedicated off-leash dog area on the north-east plateau of the park, in place of the old fenced operations yard.   The off-leash area will be treated with a dog friendly and maintainable crushed granite surface, landscaped and enclosed with decorative fencing.  
  • Development of a landscaped garden and planting buffer between the off-leash dog area and the rear yards of residential properties on Reid Avenue.
  • Development of an accessible pathway network through the park with multiple pedestrian access points from Reid and McFarlane Avenues. 
  • Relocation of the existing swings to consolidate the existing children’s’ playground in the park.
  • Extensive landscaping, tree planting and park furniture throughout the park.

 New Community Building

A plan for a proposed 3,000 sq. ft. community building was also presented at the June 25 public meeting.   The new Reid Park Community Building (509 KB) features two multi-purpose program rooms  (1,000 sq. ft. and 600 sq. ft.), a serving kitchen,  a small office/meeting room, women’s and men’s washrooms, program equipment storage space, as well as required utility spaces for mechanical, electrical and janitorial functions.   The layout and design of the community building reflects similar sized recreation facilities recently developed in other City parks and has proven to meet the range of recreation needs of the communities they serve.  

 Phasing Plan

The redevelopment of Reid Park is to be implemented in two phases to reflect the availability of project funding over two years.   

Phase 1        Construction of New Community Building            May – December 2014
Phase 2        Redevelopment of Reid Park                            May – September 2015

The construction of the new community building in Phase 1 will include landscaping around the new facility, new fencing, improvements to the existing vehicular lane from McFarlane Avenue and the demolition of the existing park building.   Due to the close proximity of the wading pool to the building construction site, the pool will be closed for the 2014 season for public safety.  The balance of the park will be available for public use during Phase 1 construction.

You are welcome to review and provide comments on the final concept plans and the phasing plan for the project.   Your input will serve to make improvements to these plans during the detailed design stage of the project. Please send your comments before February 15, 2014 to: 

Paul Landry
Senior Project Manager
City of Ottawa
Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services
Recreation Planning & Facility Development
613-580-2424 x24392