Rural Review - Overview

The Rural Review is an umbrella term for a number of policy planning projects undertaken by the City that began in 2011 in the rural area. The rural review is being undertaken in order to fulfill obligations arising from Official Plan Amendment 76 (the Official Plan update in 2009) and to fulfill the directions of Committee and Council.  Each of the projects is being undertaken in order to inform or update policies in preparation for the Official Plan update in 2014. The review of Village policies was completed in 2012. The other projects will be completed by mid 2013.

  • Village Zoning: Carol Ruddy, Planner II
  • Future Village Development: Robin van de Lande, Planner II
  • Clustering of Country Lot Estates: Bruce Finlay, Planner III
  • Land Evaluation and Area Review (LEAR): Carol Ruddy, Planner II
  • Mineral Resource Study: Robin van de Lande, Planner II
  • Review of Severance Policies relating to Lots Greater than 10 hectares: Bruce Finlay, Planner III

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