Public Engagement Strategy and Consultations

On December 10, 2013, Ottawa City Council approved the new Public Engagement Strategy.

During 2013, the City of Ottawa developed the Public Engagement Strategy to assist City staff to effectively and consistently engage with residents on issues that affect them.

Between March 25 and April 26, 2013, residents were invited to participate in community consultation sessions or provide feed-back through an online questionnaire and ideas campaign. These consultations informed the development of the Public Engagement Strategy.

The input received during the public consultations has been summarized and can be found online or by email at

The Public Engagement Strategy focuses on five Strategic Areas:

  1. An overarching framework required to be used by all staff;
  2. Tools, resources and training  to support staff success including the use of common terms and definitions;
  3. Management commitment and interdepartmental collaboration/ coordination;
  4. Online tools; and
  5. Evaluation and continuous improvement.

To achieve these strategic components, implementation of the City of Ottawa Public Engagement Strategy includes the following elements:

  1. Guidelines and Toolkit (e.g. public engagement spectrum, templates, checklists, etc.);
  2. Training plan (to be developed in 2014);
  3. Formal mechanisms for sharing of best practices and lessons learned (e.g. online engagement tools; interdepartmental staff public engagement committee); and
  4. Ongoing monitoring and tool development.

An implementation plan has been developed as part of the strategy and can be found online.

Further information

For additional information or questions about the Public Engagement Strategy, please email