Study Overview August 2014

On 26 November 2013, Council approved the 2013 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) that identifies the Stage 2 proposal to extend the Light Rail Confederation Line further east to Orléans, known as the Eastern Light Rail Transit (LRT). The Eastern LRT project limits extend from Blair Station to Trim Road. The City has initiated the Planning and Environmental Assessment (EA) study in accordance with the Province of Ontario's Transit Projects Assessment Process (O. Reg. 231/08). The Transit Projects Assessment Process (TPAP) requires consideration of alternative designs, public and agency consultation, an assessment of potential environmental impacts and identification of measures to mitigate impacts. As part of the TPAP, an Environmental Project Report will be prepared and will be available for public review.

The Statement of Work for this Planning and EA study was approved at Transportation Committee on 5 February 2014 and is available at the following link: Statement of Work

The 2013 TMP envisions locating the Eastern LRT along the Ottawa Road 174 (OR174) road corridor. Within this corridor, a multi-jurisdictional Municipal Class EA Study is currently underway on a proposed widening of the OR174, extending to County Road 17 (CR17) from Highway 417/Split to the limits of Clarence-Rockland in the United Counties of Prescott Russell (Prescott-Russell). As the OR174/CR17 EA study crosses two municipal jurisdictions, it is being carried out jointly between the City and Prescott Russell with provincial funding. More information on this study is available at

With the LRT and road widening sharing the same corridor, a coordinated approach to both EA studies is required to ensure an optimal solution that fully utilizes the OR174 road corridor is achieved, while minimizing overall construction costs. The primary study limits are illustrated below.

Study area - The Eastern LRT project limits extend from Blair Station to Trim Road

The TPAP is being conducted in parallel with the existing OR174/CR17 EA study to coordinate information sharing, technical design work, and stakeholder consultation activities. Members of the public, agencies and other interested persons are encouraged to participate actively in the project by attending consultation opportunities or contacting staff directly with information, comments or questions. Some initial planning and pre-consultation on the proposed Eastern LRT was undertaken in the existing OR174/CR17 EA study.

The co-ordinated study will seek to:

  • Continue the existing OR174/CR17 EA process to examine possible road widening of this corridor.
  • Consider LRT alignments and design alternatives for an eastward LRT extension from Blair Station, as well as potential interactions with the OR174.
  • Maintain common stakeholder engagement and studies, while meeting TPAP and Class EA requirements.

Combined Open Houses will provide information relevant to both EA studies, and will give interested stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the study and comment on any aspect of the coordinated studies. Notification for the Open Houses will be provided in local newspaper notices, through emails to the study mailing list, and through website postings.

The study schedule is as follows:

Study Schedule
Milestones Timeframe
Preliminary Planning Completed in 2012 and 2013
Round #1 Public Consultations Completed in February 2013
Alternative integrated solutions to the LRT Alignment and OR174 road widening Fall 2014
Round #2 Public Consultations Winter 2015
Alternative LRT Designs and Transit Stations integrated with the OR174 road widening alternative designs Winter/Spring 2015
Round #3 Public Consultations Late Spring 2015
Functional Design of Recommended Plan for the Eastern LRT and OR174/CR17 integrated solution Summer/Fall 2015
Round #4 Public Consultations Fall 2015
Environmental Project Report (EPR) Fall 2015
Presentation to Transportation Committee Fall 2015
6 Month TPAP Process Winter/Spring 2016
EPR 30 day Public Review Spring 2016

Interested persons can provide comments as part of the EA and TPAP processes. Any comments received will be collected under the Environmental Assessment Act and, with the exception of personal information, will become part of the public record. For further information on this project, or to be added to our mailing list, please contact:

Angela Taylor, P.Eng.
Senior Project Engineer
Transportation Planning
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424, ext. 1520