City responsibilities

The City of Ottawa Council has delegated to the City Clerk the powers and duties associated with the administration of requirements under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). Day-to-day services are administered under the Manager, Elections and MFIPPA in the Elections Office situated at 1221 Cyrville Road, Unit B, Ottawa, ON, K1J 7S8. Staff in each department at the City of Ottawa assist the Manager with the provision of these services.

Responsibilities under the legislation include:

  • Responding to formal requests submitted under MFIPPA
  • Evaluating and providing direction to all City departments regarding informal ("business as usual") requests to enhance public access while ensuring that the confidentiality provisions of the Act are met
  • Ensuring personal information held by the City is only exchanged with, collected from or disclosed to authorized individuals and/or institutions in accordance with the Act and its regulations
  • Evaluating and undertaking periodic reviews of the City's programs and technologies to ensure that they meet statutory requirements
  • Designing and delivering training programs and presentations on MFIPPA to City employees to ensure that employees are informed about the requirements of the Act
  • Ensuring that processes are in place for efficient and prompt disposal of information
  • Providing ongoing updates on decisions of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario and how such decisions affect the corporation
  • Reviewing the development of forms, surveys and questionnaires to ensure that they include statutory authority for the collection of the personal information, the purpose for which the information will be used and a contact for the client.