Environment Committee




Vice Chair:


Ex officio:

Councillor David Chernushenko

Councillor Rick Chiarelli

Councillor Jody Mitic
Councillor Mark Taylor
Councillor Catherine McKenney
Councillor Jeff Leiper
Councillor Riley Brockington
Councillor Jean Cloutier
Councillor Scott Moffatt
Councillor Michael Qaqish

Mayor Jim Watson



Terms of Reference

The Environment Committee is responsible for providing guidance and direction on all issues relating to environmental services, community sustainability, stormwater management, solid waste management, utilities/water and wastewater, water pollution control, urban forestry, and open spaces.


Membership of the Environment Committee shall consist of Members of Council, as approved by Council. The Mayor is an ex officio member.


The Environment Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible directly to Council for those items emanating from:
    1. Applicable branches within the City Operations portfolio, specifically within the Public Works and Environmental Services Departments;
    2. Any Advisory Committees or Sub-committees that are within the area of responsibility of the Environment Committee; and
    3. Local boards, agencies and corporations that are created by, and report to, this Committee.
  2. Ensure co-ordination and consultation with other Standing Committees and departments where responsibilities overlap on issues of environmental protection and on issues relevant to the mandate of more than one Committee.
  3. Subsequent to the approval of the budget, consider, for recommendation to Council, all operating and capital budget adjustments pertaining to items within the Committee mandate. 
  4. Make recommendations to Council related to long term planning of capital programs within the Committee’s mandate.
  5. Monitor the activities and the implementation of the Environmental Services Branch programs and projects.
  6. Consult with the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Committee on issues having an effect on the City’s rural residents and businesses, or relating to items of interest for the agricultural and associated industries.
  7. Receive reports from staff regarding the exercise of delegated authority (By-law 2014-435) on items within the Committee’s mandate.
  8. Review and recommend to Council revisions to the Environment Committee Terms of Reference, as required.
  9. Address all matters related to, and arising from, Advisory Committees or Sub-Committees under the Standing Committee’s responsibility and that are in line with the established Committee and Council Strategic Plans.
  10.  Have the delegated authority to decide matters that are consistent with the application of federal and/or provincial statutes and/or regulations.
  11. Recommend to Council, the City of Ottawa’s participation in federal or provincial cost-sharing programs for matters within the mandate of the Committee.
  12. Monitor federal and provincial legislation with a distinct impact on environmental issues.
  13. Recommend to Council proposed by-laws that are under the Committee’s jurisdiction.
  14. Pursuant with the Delegation of Authority By-law (Section – Conferences and Conventions), approve Councillors travel and attendance at conferences that are related to the Committee’s mandate.


The Environment Committee shall:


  1. Be responsible for the administration and maintenance of green space and urban forestry within the urban boundary.
  2. Monitor the application of any tree by-laws within the urban boundary enacted under the Municipal Act, 2001 and other relevant legislation.
  3. Make recommendations to Council on environmental policy issues, such as waste management, water quality, climate change, landfills, open spaces, natural urban features, etc. 
  4. Review and make recommendations to Council on energy conservation strategies and renewable energy policies.
  5. Review and make recommendations to Council on policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality.
  6. Monitor and administer the community environmental grants programs and initiatives.
  7. Review and make recommendations to Council with regards to environmental initiatives proposed by the federal and provincial governments.
  8. Be responsible for energy-related issues including conservation and generation, such as landfill gas generation and district energy, and provide guidance to the Environmental Services Department.

    Community Sustainability

  9. Provide overall guidance and direction in areas of environmental, economic and social sustainability.

    Utilities/Water and Wastewater/Solid Waste Management

  10. Oversee and make recommendations to Council on all utilities matters.
  11. Provide overall guidance and direction in areas of water supply, solid waste management (i.e. waste/organics/recycling) and disposal and water pollution control, including tactical plans.
  12. Review and confirm staff comments and recommendations on initiatives as proposed by the federal and provincial governments.
  13. Review and make recommendations to Council regarding operational programs for the maintenance of existing water, wastewater, sewer and solid waste infrastructure.
  14. Review and make recommendations to Council on future service level adjustments to the existing utilities infrastructure, in accordance with Council-approved policies.
  15. Recommend to Council the preparation of the Environmental Study Report, the Environmental Assessment Board Hearing and the implementation of the goals and policies outlined in the Waste Management Master Plan.
  16. Review and provide comments on Certificates of Approval for waste facilities circulated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.
  17. Provide overall guidance and direction in areas of environmental protection, including water supply, solid waste management and disposal, and water pollution control. 
  18. Respond to federal and provincial environmental initiatives affecting municipal operations and surface water quality.
  19. Review and recommend to Council the Rate-supported Budget.

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