Creating a Client Account

This step by step guide will show you how to get a Family PIN and Personal Barcode so you can register for classes and activities with the City. 

If the video does not play in your browser, please download creating a client account [MP4]

Part I - Creating a client account

Step 1


Step 2

In the box with the ServiceOttawa logo, select the link that says:
Classes and Activities – Recreation Registration

Step 3 

On the registration page, select the link that says: Get a client barcode and family PIN number


This will bring you to an online form where you can create an account

Step 4

Fill in all information boxes with an asterisk (*) beside them

  • 4a: Enter your first name followed by your last
  • 4b: Use the drop down menus to enter your gender, and date of birth
  • 4c: Enter your street number, and your street name
  • 4d: Select your city, and country from the drop down menus – Canada is the default for country
  • 4e: Select your province from the drop down menu
  • 4f: Enter your postal code
  • 4g: Select your preferred language by using the drop down menu; English is the default, however, French can also be selected
  • 4h: Enter your phone number and email address 

Step 5

Review the information on the form and make sure it is correct

If you would like to add any family members to your account, please do so before you select the Create New button. Instructions on how to add a family member are found in Part II of this guide.

Step 6

If all of the information on the form is correct, and you do not wish to add a family member, select the Create New button – Proceed to Part III of this guide

Part II - Adding a family member to your account

Some important notes before you add other members to this account:

• This should be done for every member of your family

• The birth date of each person is required

• Once you have selected Create New, changes can only be made by:

  • Calling ServiceOttawa at 3-1-1
  • Calling or visiting a recreation and culture facility
  • Visiting a Client Service Centre

Step 1

Select the Add another person to this account button

Step 2

Enter your family member’s first and last name

Step 3

Use the drop down menu to enter your family member’s gender

Step 4

Use the drop down menu to enter your family member’s date of birth

Step 5

Add all family members to your account and ensure that the information is correct

Step 6

Select the Create New button

Part III - Confirmation

Once you select the Create New button, a confirmation message will appear

Select OK

A confirmation email with your Family PIN and Personal Barcode will be sent to the email address you provided.  

One barcode is provided for each member of your family.
Once you have this information, you will be able to register for recreation classes and activities offered by the City of Ottawa.
If you require more information, please call ServiceOttawa at 3-1-1.
Thank-you for creating an account using the City of Ottawa’s online registration system.