Guide to Services and Programs for Older Adults

Download a PDF version [PDF 349 KB]

It is my pleasure to introduce the City of Ottawa Guide to Services and Programsfor Older Adults.

This valuable guide contains information on City of Ottawa services including:

  • Who to call for services
  • How to register for recreation programs
  • How to access the Ottawa Public Library’s delivery service
  • Where to get information on public health programs or adult day programsin your community
  • And so much more

As an older adult, you are a member of the fastest-growing age group in our city.In fact, the number of older adults is expected to more than double over the next 20 years.

The City of Ottawa wants to make it easier for you to access City services andcontinue to be an active member of the community by providing the informationyou need in easy-to-use formats.

This Guide to Services and Programs for Older Adults resulted from valuablefeedback provided by residents during the City’s development of its Older Adult Plan.It is another example of the City’s commitment to meeting the needs of older adultsin our community.

I am proud of the work the City is doing to improve and enhance services to older adults.

On behalf of my Council colleagues, I would like to thank the Seniors Roundtable and community members who assisted in developing this guide.

Jim watson

Mayor of Ottawa


Dear resident,

The City of Ottawa Guide to Services and Programs for Older Adults provides an overview of the many City led programs and services that are available to enhance the lives of older residents.

As the Chair of the Community and Protective Services Committee, I am pleased with the scope of information contained in this Guide.  I trust that you will discover information about the various programs and services that are offered to assist you in living healthy active lives. Your well-being is our priority.  

As the older population continues to grow, the City of Ottawa remains committed to enhancing the quality of life of older residents.  Through the Older Adult Plan 2015-2018, the City is taking concrete steps to make policies, services, facilities and programs more accessible and responsive to the needs and interests of older persons.  This Guide represents an example of the work undertaken by the City to make Ottawa an age-friendly city and I hope it will help you find the City programs and services you need.  

If you require more information, please call 3-1-1 and speak to one of our staff members. 

Diane Deans

Ottawa City Councillor for Gloucester-Southgate