Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, the Atrium Art Gallery features the works of local and regional artists. Artists are selected through peer assessment.


April 23 to May 17 - Young at Art

Painting by YAA participantYoung at Art is an exceptional opportunity for Ottawa visual artists between the ages of 12 and 19 years to reach out to their communities – and beyond – through the experience of a citywide, juried art exhibition.






May 21 to June 20 - Nepean Fine Arts League: Colours

NFAL Nepean Fine Arts LeagueThe NFAL Gallery is pleased to present its Volunteers’ Exhibition at the Atrium Gallery, coinciding with NFAL’s Annual Awards Exhibition.  The theme for this show is “Colours” and displays the creativity and diversity of a number of these talented local artists.









June 24 – July 20 - Nepean Museum: Play! The Building Blocks of Learning

Photograph by Nepean MuseumFor generations valuable lessons have been learned through the simple joys of play.  Using toys, games, and songs, children learn about the world around them.  In this hands-on exhibition, experience for yourself how the ways we play are connected to the ways we learn.








July 22 to August 17 - Sanjay Sudram: Flight

Mixed media by Sanjay SudrumUrban life and endless growth are consistent themes in my works, depicted with whimsy instead of a preachy tone. Many works contain a mix of Art and technology, with embedded QR codes. The QRs bring up animation, songs or text on smartphones; while also serving as metaphors for modern life.





August 19 to September 21 - Susan Ragheb: Breathing Space

Mixed media by Susan RaghebTo truly appreciate the beauty of this fleeting life we are gifted, sometimes we must distance ourselves from everyday stresses, abandon negative souls that hurt us, so we can step into a space where we can pause, and just… Breathe.






September 23 – October 19 - Carole F. Noël: Jungle Fever

Drawing by Carole F. NoelPen and ink drawings of my passage into the world of plant spirits, during a prolonged stay with a Shaman in the Peruvian jungle.  With some humor, this work illustrates part of my healing journey.







 October 21 to November 23 - Pauline Goss: The Elegance of Nature

Watercolour by Pauline GossLight shining through a forested park, a wooded riverbed, a cluster of wispy trees…these and more are the performers who deserve all the credit for my inspiration of The Elegance of Nature.







November 25, 2016 to January 4, 2017 - Michael Parkin: Cut-Fold-Bend: An Exploration of 2-Dimensional Forms in Curved Space

Sculpture by Michael ParkinQuestion: "What is the simplest origami"?  Answer: "One fold"
Abstract brass and copper sculptures created by Michael Parkin by simple manipulations of flat metal sheet. 








January 6 to February 8 - Rachel MacDonald: Everything’s coming up Roses

Watercolour by Rachel MacDonaldEverything’s coming up Roses, by Rachel MacDonald, is a collection of original watercolour floral compositions. A variety of species that can be found in gardens across Canada. All familiar and much loved. 





February 10 to March 15 - Ruth Steinberg: Pas de deux/Tango

Photograph by Ruth SteinbergWorking with still images, I choreographed a tango, mapping the play between power and submission, tenderness and the erotic.  Pas de deux/Tango is my reflections on the exquisite tensions within our personal relationships.

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