Owned and operated by the City of Ottawa, the Centrepointe Theatre Gallery features the works of local and regional artists. Artists are juried through peer assessment.


March 21 to April 21 - Suzan Mandla: Natura Ephemera

""The photographs in this series are a fusion of abstract imagery and an impressionist esthetic focusing on colour and form to express the ephemeral quality of nature in all its beauty, fragility and grace.





April 26 to May 20 - Young at Art – Central Ottawa

""Young at Art is an exceptional opportunity for Ottawa visual artists between the ages of 12 and 19 years to reach out to their communities – and beyond – through the experience of a citywide, juried art exhibition.







May 23 to June 25 - Nepean Fine Arts League: Members’ Night and Exhibition


The Nepean Fine Arts League (NFAL) is a non-profit organization established in 1964. NFAL represents numerous artists from the Ottawa and Gatineau region. Its membership has grown over the years to stand between 150 and 250 members. This year’s exhibition celebrates NFAL’s 50th anniversary!








July 4 to July 23 - Huibo Sun, Tina Sun, Ruirong Yu: Nature in Gong Bi Hua style

""In this exhibition, the theme is based on Nature and its wonders, underlining the beauty of Life in its purest form. The artworks from each artist depict in their own way the vibrancy and innocence of youth through vivid colours.





August 21 to September 23 - Alejandra Vera: Painting Objects: What is a canvas? Does it taste good with jam?


This exhibition has been relocated to the Lalande + Doyle Exhibition Space, Shenkman Arts Centre -http://shenkmanarts.ca/en/galleries_galeries/

This show is about pushing the boundaries of painting. It is an exploration of paintings as objects in the gallery space: examining their physical form, and discovering which characteristics must be included to be considered painting.






August 22 to September 24 - Jake Morrison: Tourists - here today gone tomorrow


This exhibition has been relocated to the Atrium Gallery, Ben Franklin Place – March 20 to April 20, 2015.

A photographic exhibition that depicts the buildings and monuments that tourists flock to as solid form while the images of the tourists are blurred to their naturally ephemeral form - here today, gone tomorrow.










September 26 to October 22 - Jasmine Kukic : Fragile Empire

""My goal is to subtly disturb the established truths in viewers’ minds by exposing them to the magic hidden in everyday things. Placing objects in unusual situations and unexpected relationships creates uneasy sense of wonder that leads to curiosity as the first step towards change.





October 24 to November 26 - Deidre Hierlihy, Mary Baranowski-Lowden: RELATING TO NATURE

""RELATING TO NATURE focuses on individual interpretations of nature by two printmakers who are both drawn to nature for its restorative benefits and for artistic inspiration.






November 28 to December 18 - JungHee Lee-Marles: Inner Strength

""A series of mixed media paintings expressing the emotional and spiritual responses toward the ups and downs of life as well as the self-discovery of the artist inspired by their mentor.








January 13 to February 11 - Barb Lougheed: The Inner Universe

""The inner universe is a universe of symbols, full of energy and power. There is an emotional remembrance ─ something almost recognizable but not quite within grasp. These symbols hint at the depth, humour and boundless richness of that interior space.




February 13 to March 18 - Erika Farkas: Pencil Works

""An exhibition showcasing graphite and charcoal drawings representing some animal portraits plus the realistic beauty of people and different stages of life (childhood, adulthood, old age).


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