Posted August 25, 2015

New public art selected for Greely Village Park

Ottawa-based artist Tim desClouds has been awarded the public art commission for Greely Village Park. His winning project, A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY, features two large whirligig-weathervane sculptures. The sculptures will sit on the main pathway, inviting visitors to discover the park grounds. Made of metal, the artwork will rise 20 to 24 feet, with each weathervane spanning an area of 8 square feet. Seating will be built in at the base of each sculpture.

In addition to public art, the new park will provide a full-sized soccer field, skateboard and BMX facilities, tennis, basketball, junior and senior playground areas, gazebo, seating, open space play zones, landscaping, naturalized planting and walking trails. The artwork and Phase 2 of the park project are expected to be complete in late 2016.

The City of Ottawa launched a two-stage competition for public art at Greely Village Park in March 2015. A public open house and an online survey invited comments from the public. The peer assessment committee selected A CELEBRATION OF COMMUNITY based on factors such as artistic merit, durability of materials, the artist's experience, comments from the public and the project's engagement of park users.

Artist and retired Canterbury High School art teacher Tim desClouds is no stranger to public art. His projects can be seen on Bank Street in the Glebe, and in McNabb Park at Bronson and Gladstone Avenues. His work is also located at the Orleans Branch of the Ottawa Public Library and at the Garry J. Armstrong Long Term Care Centre. Born in Montreal, desClouds earned a BFA from York University (Toronto) and a BEd from Queen's University (Kingston).

For more information:
Commission program
Greely Village Community Park and Playground

Posted July 16, 2015

Public art open house

The City of Ottawa invites you to share your thoughts on the public art proposed for Greely Village Park. Artists Karl Ciesluk, Kenneth Emig, Marcus Kucey-Jones and Tim desClouds have been shortlisted to develop public art proposals for the new Greely Village Park. One artist will be selected by a peer assessment committee to bring their proposal to reality.

Two ways to have your say:

  • Open house
    Wednesday July 22, 2015
    5:30 pm to 7:30 pm
    Greely Community Centre, 1448 Meadow Drive
    The open house is an opportunity to meet the artists and members of the project team. View the artists' proposals, ask questions and submit your comments during this event.

  • Online survey
    An online survey is available until midnight July 28. View the proposals and submit your comments online.

Your comments are important. The committee members selecting the winning proposal consider all public comments when making their final decision.

The committee members for Greely Village Park evaluate the artists' proposals in regards to its connection to the park and surrounding community, artistic excellence, integration with the park, feasibility of the project, safety, permanence and the response from the public.


Posted March 16, 2015

Call to artists - Request for qualifications

Deadline: Monday, May 4, 2015 at 4 p.m. EST
Artist information meeting:
Thursday, March 26, 2015, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Routier Community Centre, 1st floor training room, 172 Guigues Avenue, Ottawa
$70,000 plus HST

The City of Ottawa’s Public Art Program invites artists to submit qualifications for consideration to design, fabricate and install a permanent artwork for Greely Village Park as outlined in this Call to artists.

Greely Village Park concept plan

Established in 1985, the City of Ottawa Public Art Program is committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of the visual arts in Ottawa by collecting, commissioning and exhibiting works of art, with an emphasis on local artists. The Public Art Program commissions site-specific works of art for display in public places. One percent of funds from new municipal development are mandated for public art in order to enhance public spaces and make art accessible to everyone.

In keeping with the Percent for Art Policy, the City of Ottawa is pleased to invite artists to apply for the opportunity to design, fabricate and install a permanent artwork for the Greely Village Park.


This request for qualifications is an equal opportunity, open to all professional artists living within a 150 km radius of Ottawa, or artist teams where the lead artist is living within the 150 km radius of Ottawa. Participants must be Canadian citizens or have permanent residence status. 

Project background

The City of Ottawa began construction on a new public park for the Village of Greely in 2014 after considerable planning and community consultation. The Greely Village Community Park is a 5.94 ha active recreational community park and will be located at 7292 Parkway Road (east of Bank Street at Water's Edge Way) in the Village of Greely. Once completed the new park will provide the community with a full-sized soccer field, skateboard and BMX facilities, tennis, basketball, junior and senior playground areas, shade structures, seating, open space play zones, landscaping and walking trails.

The playground has been designed as a 'quarry themed' play area with features for all ages and will include: sand play, springers, spinners, talk tubes, climbing structures, swings, slides, grassy mounds, boulders, log walls, accessible wood fibre surfacing, shade structure and naturalized plantings.


The construction of the Greely Village Park began in 2014 with completion anticipated for fall 2015 or spring 2016. Installation of the artwork must be complete by fall 2016.

Public art vision

Public art for the Greely Village Park will integrate visually significant elements that provide identity and distinctive character to the site. The artwork will enhance the park design by creating an environment that is aesthetically interesting and engaging for the community. The artwork should be conceptually and visually innovative, and reflect a thorough and sensitive understanding of place, context and setting. 

Design requirements for public art

Completed works of art shall:

  • Demonstrate contemporary artistic excellence
  • Be conceptually timeless and enduring
  • Show sensitivity to the surrounding community and address site characteristics
  • Integrate with the style and function of the park’s design
  • Be engaging to the park users
  • Be safe for the public
  • Be made of highly permanent materials that are suitable to the environment and require minimal maintenance
  • Comply with all building and electrical codes and bylaws

Public art sites

Artists are open to select ideal locations for their proposed artwork anywhere within the park boundaries. Artwork must be safe for the public particularly those in close proximity to the playground. Electricity is not available for the artwork.

Supporting documents

Greely Village Park updated concept images
Greely Village new park playground concept

Commission budget

The budget for this commission is $70,000 plus HST and must include all costs required to design, fabricate, store, transport and install the public art, including the cost of engineering, foundations and reinstatement of landscaping.

Selection procedure

This commission will be awarded following a two-stage arms length process as follows:

Stage I – Qualifications will be evaluated by a peer assessment committee consisting of artists with public art experience, a community representative and the Landscape Architect. This committee will shortlist a maximum of four artists to move forward to Stage II.

Stage II – Shortlisted artists will be given a detailed Terms of Reference for preparing proposals, drawings and budgets, and will meet with the project team to review plans and design requirements for the artwork. Shortlisted proposals will be posted online for comment by the public, and shortlisted artists are required to attend a public open house in July to present their designs and answer questions. Comments received from the public during this consultation will be submitted to the peer assessment committee for consideration.

At a date following the public consultation process, artists will meet individually with the peer assessment committee for approximately 30 minutes to present their proposals and answer questions. It is expected that a finalist will be determined by the committee in July 2015.

Selection criteria

All submissions will be evaluated based on the artist’s experience and qualifications (resumé), previous artwork (digital images) and ability to address the public art vision (expression of interest).

Stage II honorarium

Shortlisted artists (maximum four) will be given an honorarium of $1,000 plus HST to submit proposals, drawings and budgets for the second round of the competition.

Please note:
The City of Ottawa reserves the right to reject any or all submissions, or any part thereof, or to terminate or re-advertise any project. The decision of the peer assessment committee is final.

Submission requirements

Your submission must include all the sections listed below. All submission requirements are to be saved together on a single CD, DVD or USB stick with your name and contact information written directly on it. Please do not include a hard copy of your proposal. Acceptable file formats for written materials include DOC, DOCX or PDF.

Your submission must be delivered to the City of Ottawa Public Art Program office by Monday, May 4, 2015, at 4:00 p.m. EST. Fax, email or online file sharing will not be accepted as a means of delivery. The City of Ottawa will not be responsible for any loss or damage to any materials. Submissions will not be returned.

Accessible formats and communication supports are available upon request.

  1. Expression of interest  
    Submit a maximum of two written pages explaining why you are interested in this opportunity. What aspect of this public art commission inspires you?  What connects you and/or your work to the public art vision for this project? Describe your art practice and how you would approach this opportunity. Tell us about any other public art projects you’ve completed and how you worked with the construction team, other artists or the community. If you are applying as an artist team, tell us about your past collaborations and how you would work together on this project.

  2. Synopsis
    Provide a brief synopsis of your artistic approach in a short paragraph, referencing the relevance of your practice to this opportunity. This summary will be used as a quick reference during the deliberation process by the committee members. Maximum length: 80 words.
  3. Resumé
    Submit a current resumé of your art training, public exhibitions and commissions of your artwork, and any other experience directly relevant to this opportunity on a maximum of three pages. Include your name, mailing address, telephone number and email address. If you are applying as a team, submit a separate resumé for each team member and clearly identify the lead contact for this project.
  4. Samples of previous artwork
    Submit a maximum of 10 digital image files showing samples of completed artwork, artwork currently in progress or the fabrication or installation processes for previous public art.  Artist teams are also to submit a maximum of 10 files. If you wish to submit a video or other time-based media, or you are unable to provide us with digital documentation of your work, please contact or 613-244-4261.

    Digital images must be: 
    JPG format
    Maximum of 1240 pixels (along the longest side)

    Digital image files must be named with a number, followed by the title, date, medium, metric dimensions and cost, each separated by an underscore.

    01_Title_date_medium_ height x width x depth cm_ $cost.jpg
    02_Untitled_2014_LED and resin_1 x 4.5 x 7 m_$180,000.jpg

    Materials that require specialized software, plug-ins, extensions or other executables that need to be downloaded or installed, or materials that are embedded in any type of presentation, such as websites or Word or PowerPoint documents will not be accepted.

  5. Detail list of previous artwork
    Compile a list with detailed information on the submitted digital images of previous artwork, using the name assigned to the file as per the examples above.

    Include title, date, medium, dimensions, budget, location, fabrication and installation process and other pertinent information of submitted samples of previous artworks. This list should not exceed 2 pages.

Reference material

Greely Community Design Plan
Greely Village Community Park and Playground plan
Greely Community Association website
History of Greely website

Deadline and notification 

Submissions must be received by hand or mail no later than Monday, May 4, at 4:00 p.m. EST. This is not a postmarked deadline. Fax or email submissions will not be accepted. Late or incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. All participants will be notified of the results of the initial stage of the selection process by email. 

Mail or deliver submissions to:

Greely Village Park – Public Art
c/o Public Art Program, City of Ottawa
172 Guigues Avenue, 3rd Floor
Ottawa, ON  K1N 5H9

Information meeting for artists

An information meeting will be held at the Routhier Community Centre, 1st Floor Training Room, 172 Gigues Ave, Ottawa, on Thursday, March 26, 2015, from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  Park plans and drawings will be presented, and artists will have time ask questions. If you cannot attend this meeting but would like to discuss this opportunity and/or receive project updates, please contact or 613-244-4261.

Copyright and moral rights

Copyright, including any and all designs, drawings and final works of art, shall remain the property of the artist. Moral rights remain with the artist. The City of Ottawa will seek permission to reproduce the images for non-profit publicity purposes.

Confidentiality of information

City of Ottawa employees and peer assessment committee members are required to treat both the content of submissions and the deliberations of the committee as confidential. To protect confidentiality, committee members turn in their copies of proposal materials for shredding at the end of the assessment meeting.

Information provided by the applicant may be available to City of Ottawa employees and members of the peer assessment committee. Personal information contained therein shall be dealt with on a confidential basis pursuant to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Inquiries or 613-244-4261




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