Rideau Street Renewal - Project Overview


12 August 2014 - PSA : Cumberland Street closed between Besserer Street and Rideau Street
2 May 2014 - PSA: Rideau Street reconstruction resumes between Chapel Street and the Cummings Bridge
7 March 2014 - PSA: Lane reductions will impact section of Rideau Street
20 December 2013 - PSA: Rideau Street re-opens between Chapel Street and the Cummings Bridge
21 October 2013 - PSA: Changes to Rideau Street traffic flow between Charlotte and Chapel Streets
27 September 2013 - PSA: Rideau Street community revitalized through improved infrastructure
6 September 2013 - PSA: Traffic restrictions at Charlotte Street and Rideau Street intersection
29 July 2013 - PSA: Rideau Street reconstruction extends further east
24 July 2013 - PSA: Changes to traffic movements and overnight lane reductions on Rideau Street
12 April 2013 - PSA: Rideau Street Reconstruction Resuming
4 October 2012 - PSA: Rideau Street traffic to move to north side lanes
3 October 2012 - PSA: Public art helps shape Rideau Street Renewal 
27 August 2012 - PSA: Public art to be chosen for Rideau Street

Project Limits and Scope

Phase 1 of the project between Dalhousie Street and Chapel Street has been completed.  There will be some ongoing work to finalize the streetscaping including the installation of new bus shelters, multi-use poles as well as sidewalk reinstatement due to the removal of overhead wiring between King Edward Avenue and Chapel Street.

Phase 2 of the project between Chapel Street and the Cummings Bridge was started in July 2013.  Work will continue into the Late Summer of 2014.  As with Phase 1, Phase 2 consists of the complete reconstruction of Rideau Street including all roadway and streetscaping elements, as well as the removal of overhead wires between Chapel Street and Wurtemburg Street.

In addition, functional designs have been prepared for the westerly portion of Rideau Street, between Dalhousie Street and Sussex Drive. Whereas complete reconstruction is not required in this westerly portion, there is an opportunity to coordinate the visible streetscape elements to enable it to be integrated with the portion being completely reconstructed to the east. The timing of these possible improvements has not been determined as it will have to be coordinated with the expansion of the Rideau Centre and the construction of the proposed LRT station on Rideau Street.

 Rideau Street Renewal Construction Project: Map of Rideau Street Renewal Project site location from Dalhousie Street to the Rideau River.

For the sector requiring complete reconstruction, the works proposed include the introduction, rehabilitation and/or replacement of: 

  • Sidewalks, cycling facilities, and transit facilities;
  • Opportunities for street amenities including landscaping and public art;
  • Street lighting and regulatory signage;
  • Traffic control signal system;
  • Road structure and pavement;
  • Watermains, sanitary, storm and combined sewers;
  • Lateral services to the property line; and
  • Utilities as required.

Project Design Basis

Rideau Street is designated as an Arterial Road, a Theme Street (Sussex Drive to King Edward Avenue), a Traditional Mainstreet (King Edward Avenue to Rideau River), and a Transit Priority Corridor, in the City of Ottawa Official Plan. The street is also part of the City’s Urban Truck Route network. Accordingly, the project designs have regard for the street’s purpose as a multi-modal arterial street with a very important community, business, and tourist function within the City of Ottawa. 

Public Involvement

Opportunities for public involvement were provided throughout the project. A Public Advisory Group was established, and public open houses were held at key points in the process. Public input and comment was welcomed throughout the project process.

The project was being planned to meet the requirements of Ontario’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that may apply.

For further information or to provide comments, contact:

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