Sussex Drive - Confederation Boulevard Reconstruction - Project Overview

Sussex Drive Reconstruction Project, and
Sussex Drive Bridge Rehabilitation Project
St. Patrick Street to King Edward Avenue

Project limits and scope

The City of Ottawa has completed a planning and design exercise for the reconstruction of Sussex Drive between St. Patrick Street and King Edward Avenue.  The works proposed include the introduction, rehabilitation and/or replacement of:

  • Street amenities including landscaping
  • Transit facilities, cycling facilities, and sidewalks
  • Watermains, sanitary, storm and combined sewers
  • Lateral services to the property line
  • Utilities as required
  • Traffic control signal system
  • Road structure and pavement
  • Street lighting and signage

As a related project, the City has completed detailed designs to rehabilitate the Sussex Bridge (over King Edward Avenue).

 Sussex construction area key map 

Project basis

The existing street infrastructure has reached the end of its life-cycle, and the City has identified the need for reconstruction.  This portion of Sussex Drive is designated as an Arterial Road in the City of Ottawa Official Plan, and as part of Confederation Boulevard in the NCC’s Plan for Canada’s Capital.  Accordingly, the project designs will have regard for the street’s planned function as a multi-modal arterial road corridor with a ceremonial route role.

Union Street roundabout

Related to the Sussex project, a new roundabout will be constructed at the intersection of Union Street and King Edward Avenue.  This construction will be completed prior to the work on the Sussex Bridge (over King Edward Avenue) to facilitate traffic flow during construction.

Construction timing

Construction will commence late September 2013 and continue until mid-December 2013, followed by a pause in the work over Winter.  Construction will re-commence in Spring 2014 and continue until late Fall 2014, with final paving and landscaping likely to occur in Spring/Summer 2015.

Public involvement

A public open house was held April 12, 2012 at which attendees were able to review the proposed designs, ask questions, and make comments on the project.

The project is being planned to meet the requirements of Ontario’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that may apply.  The project will also benefit from review by the NCC’s Advisory Committee on Planning, Design, and Realty.

For further information or to provide comments, contact the City’s project manager:

Alain Grégoire, Consultant
Design and Construction – Municipal (East) Branch
Infrastructure Services
City of Ottawa
100 Constellation Crescent, 6th Floor
Ottawa, ON K2G 6J8
Tel.: 613-580-2424, ext. 30336
Fax: 613-560-6064

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