Reminder: New bus-only lane on Industrial Avenue

January 4, 2016
Public Service Announcement

Ottawa – Drivers are reminded to pay extra attention to the new bus-only lane recently installed on Industrial Avenue, west of Sandford Fleming Avenue. For traffic safety and best traffic flow, all drivers are reminded to give priority to buses to allow them to merge safely. 

Bus traffic has increased in the area around the Canada Post Mail Processing Plant with the recent closure of the Transitway bridge between Lees and Hurdman Stations. That closure has diverted many buses onto dedicated bus lanes on Highway 417, over the Rideau River. To reach Highway 417, buses from Hurdman Station travel along Terminal Avenue, turn right onto Sandford Fleming Avenue, turn right onto Industrial Avenue and turn right onto Riverside Drive. 

In addition to the two existing right-turn lanes, the right-hand curb-side lane on Industrial Avenue between Sandford Fleming Avenue and Riverside Drive is now a dedicated bus lane, marked by regulatory signage and white painted diamonds, to help keep buses running on time. 

To avoid potential delays in the vicinity of Industrial Avenue and Riverside Drive, motorists accessing Highway 417 or Vanier Parkway northbound from the Trainyards area are encouraged to use alternate routes to Highway 417. 

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