Ontario Works Child Care

While receiving Ontario Works benefits you may be eligible for assistance with your child care requirements.

Ontario Works Child Care provides child care funds for participants to cover child care costs incurred while participating in your approved activity. It is a temporary child care option until you can access a subsidized child care space in a licensed child care centre or home child care program.

Who qualifies for Ontario Works Child Care?

To qualify you must:

  • Be a resident of Ottawa and be in receipt of Ontario Works benefits.
  • Participate in an approved activity such as upgrading your education, learning new skills, searching for a job or maintaining your employment.
  • Have children who are six weeks to 12 years of age who require child care.

How do I apply for Ontario Works Child Care?

Application: To apply for Ontario Works Child Care funding please contact your Ontario Works Case Coordinator at the Social Services Centres or complete an online application.

The Case Coordinator's role is to:

  • Inform Ontario Works clients of all child care options available in the community that best meet their family’s needs
  • Provide counselling and information on subsidized licensed child care centres, home child care agencies, community centres, before and after school programs, on-site child care programs and summer camps
  • Determine the amount of funds for a private child care arrangement according to the established rates and the participant’s activity hours
  • Allow the completion and signing all required documents