Former City of Kanata

5.7 Town Centre

5.7.1 Background

    The Town Centre Community comprises approximately 230 ha of land in the centre of the Urban Area, located on both sides of Provincial Highway 417. It is bounded by four major arterial roads, being: Campeau Drive on the north, March-Eagleson Road on the east, Katimavik Road on the south and First Line Road, north of Highway 417, on the west.

    When planning for the Town Centre began in the 1970's, this Community was intended to straddle the Queensway. While significant development occurred on the south side, the north side was slow to start due to a variety of factors. It is now acknowledged that most of the more urban form of Town Centre development will occur on the north side with only two connections across the Queensway - the existing pedestrian overpass and the future crossing of Castlefrank Road.

    The Town Centre policies will apply to the entire Town Centre Community. Various other sections of the City of Ottawa Official Plan will also be applicable to these lands.