Train tracks
7 November 2014

This week the City of Ottawa is being presented with the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Excellence in Planning Award for its Transportation Master Plan.  Of course we love for our achievements to be recognized, but we know the real question here is... what does this mean for you, and why should you care?

Vanier Parkway Bridge
7 October 2014

Beginning the evening of Saturday, October 4 and continuing into the early morning of Sunday, October 5, the old Vanier Parkway Bridge was removed to make way for a new bridge. A crew of 100 installed the new 1,400 tonne bridge, which is approximately 56m in length, using Rapid Lift Replacement technology.

The new Lees Avenue overpass
9 September 2014

Beginning the evening of Saturday, September 6 and continuing into the early morning of Sunday, September 7, the new Lees Avenue overpass was moved into place using Rapid Bridge Replacement construction techniques.

Winter construction at the new Lansdowne.
7 February 2014

It’s been a busy time for construction in Ottawa, and with our unprecedented transformation, this momentum has continued into the winter. We took a look at a few of the many construction projects to learn more about how crews have adapted to work in the cold.

The new Lansdowne