Bank Street Rehabilitation Project: Glebe District

Tim desClouds

A Place to Nest, a Place to Reflect, Have a Seat

Steel, cast iron, found objects

Tim desClouds - A Place to Nest, A Place to Reflect, Have a Seat

A Place to Nest, a Place to Reflect, Have a Seat, by local artist Tim desClouds was commissioned for the Bank Street Glebe district as part of the reconstruction project. Artist and educator Tim desClouds has created an undoubtedly whimsical work of art relating to the community that interprets the magical qualities of human existence and the everyday journeys of our lives.

Wings outstretched in preparation for flight, silhouettes of athletes and artists engaged in the joyful expression of their practice, and symbols of domestic and work life are some of the many images gracing this series of 22 metal sculptures installed on Bank Street from Chamberlain Avenue to Holmwood Avenue. Each unique sculpture, unified by the form of a chair, is layered with images, symbols and found objects expressing a multitude of universal themes. The chair seen throughout symbolizes a place to rest and reflect on the daily activities and accomplishments of citizens past and present and serves as a reminder of the community’s founders, families, businesses, architecture and history.

desClouds has thematically grouped the series along the length of the street to convey larger concepts of Community Security as seen in the Firefighter and Justice sculptures, Elements of Life, and Universal Community as celebrated in the artworks depicting literacy, education, wisdom and family. The public art positively contributes to the community’s sense of place and character and also benefits the local economy as desClouds contracted local suppliers, fabricators, welders, and installers for the project whose contribution he graciously acknowledges.

Watch a video of the artist Tim desClouds discussing the creation of this public art commission.