Southwest Transit Extension: Market Place Corridor

Cheryl Pagurek

Currents, 2011, Video

Central themes found in Cheryl Pagurek’s artwork investigate concepts of time, memory, history and the ephemeral quality of the disappearing past. Currents, a twenty-minute loop of constantly changing video, prominently features imagery of the Jock River, maintaining a link to the nearby body of water in an area of constant urban development. Through the incorporation of historical images of the area, surrounding rural lands, and footage of contemporary city transit – OC Transpo busses and O-Train - Currents celebrates the surrounding environment. The installation situates public transit within a narrative of progress while highlighting ecological appreciation. By locating the present site within a continuum, the video footage harkens to the past and preserves the present for future generations.

Cheryl Pagurek, Currents, 2011, video still

Currents is mobile! Stream or download the video artwork to your mobile device, digital music player or computer.

Cheryl Pagurek, Currents, 2011, video still

The historical images in Currents were drawn from many sources, and the artist thanks all contributors. Please visit the Currents download page for acknowledgements of historical images sources. For more information about the artist visit