• With almost everyone’s minds in back-to-school mode, make sure to make some time for a last day of summer fun! Our Amaizing Maze special event has everything you could hope for in the last lazy days of summer.

  • The City of Ottawa Museums care for and manage Ottawa’s evidence of human history beyond the written word. Over 200,000 objects in our artefact collections tell the story of the city’s evolution and the people who shaped it – from the earliest settlers to local celebrities.

  • All of the exhibitions at City of Ottawa museums and historic sites feature various objects from our artefact collections that represent special themes and ideas for exploration and discovery, and to spark thinking and conversations about what has changed over time and what still remains. Smaller displays are developed and available for viewing during special events and programs.

Amaizing Maze!

Celebrate the end of summer and the beginning of harvest season! You’ll want to make sure you take a stab at making your way through our corn maze, too!

Graphic colour illustration of a rural farming scene