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The Andrews - Newton Collection consists of two million prints and negatives, covering the period of 1946 to 1993. The majority of the collection contains 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 black-and-white negatives, with only one per cent of the images in colour.

The City of Ottawa Archives received the first in a series of deposits in 1977. A formal deed of gift was signed in 1996, transferring legal ownership to the City Archives. The assigned reference number for this group of images is Manuscript Group (MG) 393.

The works have been further subdivided into the following periods: BJ for Bill and Jean Newton Photo (1942 to 1952); NP for Newton Photographic Associates Ltd. (1952 to 1960); AH for Andrews – Hunt Photographers (1959 to 1973) and AN for Andrews – Newton Photographers (1973 to 1994).

For further information about the Andrews - Newton Photographic Collection, or to view, research or obtain copies, please contact the Reference Desk or visit the City of Ottawa Archives.

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