They were seen in Ottawa

Post-war Ottawa underwent a dramatic phase of growth and expansion. As Ottawa’s importance grew both nationally and internationally, it became an attractive venue for entertainers. Throughout the 1950’s, a number of big-name performers graced Ottawa’s stages, including Fats Domino, Josephine Baker, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Tony Bennet, Duke Ellington, and teen idol Paul Anka. But, perhaps the most important entertainer to visit the city was Elvis Presley.

As the capital of this country, Ottawa played host to the world, hosting visiting dignitaries like Israeli Foreign Minister Golda Meir, the first female foreign minister in the world. American Presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower and First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt also spent time in the city.

Crowd at Elvis Presley concert.

Title/Description: Crowd at Elvis Presley concert. Over nine thousand people attended the Presley concerts. The Ottawa Citizen reported that the fans were screaming so loud that it was impossible to actually hear Presley on stage. Fans carried pictures, buttons and other items to show their devotion to the rock n' roll star.
: A. Andrews, C. Buckman, D. Gall, T. Grant.
: April 3, 1957.
: Andrews-Newton Photographers Fonds / City of Ottawa Archives / MG393-AN-049378-026.
: City of Ottawa Archives.