City of Ottawa Emergency Management Plan

Mission and scope

Conscious of its potential vulnerability in emergency situations, the City of Ottawa has proactively initiated a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan [ PDF - 1.18MB ]. This plan is based on an all-hazard and multi-departmental approach. Each of the City of Ottawa's sections possesses its own formal or informal emergency system and corresponding response capability. The City of Ottawa's Emergency Management Plan is designed to be comprehensive and aims at heightening the combined level of response throughout the City of Ottawa's emergency response community. The plan is designed to:

“Provide an enhanced and co-ordinated level of planning and readiness to better respond to the needs of the community during a major emergency, while still ensuring the delivery of city services to the other areas of the City.”

The main sections of this document outline the overall municipal emergency management system, the general emergency functions common to all types of emergencies and disasters as well as specific emergency functions.

Corporate and legal authority

The overall emergency management program is a Community and Protective Services Standing Committee and Council initiative and was developed under the authority of the CPS Committee.

The development of this plan complies with provincial and federal legislation as well as generally accepted standards and good practices in risk and emergency management.

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