Emergency Preparedness Week

May 1 to 7, 2016 is Emergency Preparedness Week, and the City of Ottawa, along with municipalities, organizations and corporations across the country are asking you to help us build a more resilient community by taking the time to get you, your family and your neighbourhood ready for emergencies and disasters.

Plan. Prepare. Be Aware.

How can YOU get involved?

  • Join the conversation and share your stories - #IamReady, #WeAreReady, #EPWeek
  • Follow us on Twitter @OEMOttawa / @EVPOttawa
  • Book an Are You Ready? presentation for your workplace or community group
  • Talk to your family and prepare a Family Emergency Plan
  • Visit ottawa.ca/AreYouReady and get informed
  • Build an Emergency Kit for your home, office and car
  • Subscribe to the Are You Ready? e-Newsletter
  • Start your meetings by reminding participants about emergency procedures
  • Stage an emergency exercise and practice your plan
  • Attend one of our Are you Ready? information displays

For more information about Emergency Preparedness Week, or the Are You Ready? program please email AreYouReady@ottawa.ca or call 613-580-2424 ext. 28078.


Video transcript - Get your kit together

An emergency preparedness kit will help ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Preparing one is easy, inexpensive, and quick - in fact, you probably already have most of the items you need.

Your emergency preparedness kit should contain adequate supplies to keep you and your family self-sufficient in your home for at least 72 hours.

Your major needs are going to be water and food, so start by setting aside bottled water.

A general rule of thumb is two litres per person for each day.

Then, collect some non-perishable foods like grain products, meat and alternatives, canned fruits and vegetables, non-perishable milk products, other foods, and additional food supplies.

Set reminders to rotate your emergency foods and water into your regular meals to be sure they don't expire, and replace the items as you use them.

Next, add other important emergency supplies to your kit.

Store all your paper documents in a waterproof and portable container. And don't forget to include a first aid kit.

Assemble all the supplies in an easy-to-carry container and store it in an easy to get to location.

To find out more about what you can do to be prepared, visit Ottawa.ca for more emergency kit ideas, including checklists for your first aid kit, car kit, tips on pet preparedness, and more.