Office of Emergency Management

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) ensures the safety of all residents and visitors by:

  • planning, preventing and preparing prior to an emergency
  • responding and ensuring the continuation of essential services during an emergency
  • activating the Emergency Operations Centre Control Group (a multi-departmental Steering Committee) when needed and
  • helping the city recover after the event.

How to Contact us

General Inquiries: 613-580-2424 ext. 29436

Are You Ready Emergency Preparedness Program:

Phone: 613-580-2424 ext. 28078


Twitter: @OEMOttawa


Mandated by the province under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, R.S.O. 1990, the Office of Emergency Management is responsible for managing the:

  • Emergency Management Program (EMP)
    • Initiated in 2002, EMP addresses legislative requirements under the act with the goal of enhancing collaboration between all emergency partners prior to, during and after an emergency.
  • City of Ottawa Emergency Plan
    • Reviewed on an annual basis, the Emergency Plan governs the provision of necessary services during an emergency and the processes and procedures in which city employees and partners will respond to the emergency.
  • Emergency Management Training and Exercise Program
    • Developed a multi agency training and exercise program for City of Ottawa staff and partners that manage, support and respond to emergencies for a period of several days or more. Regularly test the effectiveness of the City of Ottawa emergency plan at the multi-departmental level, to allow for continuous improvement of the City’s emergency response capacity.
  • Are You Ready Program: Emergency Preparedness Public Education and Awareness Program
    • Launched in 2005, Are You Ready aims to educate community and businesses on the importance of emergency planning. The better-prepared people are for an emergency, the better the City is able to respond to the emergency.

OEM is also responsible for the:

  • Management and maintenance of the Corporate Radio used by emergency services.
  • Emergency communications that include back up communications systems, two-way radios, and back up communications provided by the Emergency Measures Radio Group, an emergency communications volunteer network.
  • Management of 9-1-1 call taking and dispatch Service Contract.

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