Home fire hazard checklist

Want to ensure your home is as safe as possible from a fire? Make sure you follow the checklist below.


  • Working smoke alarm outside all sleeping areas **
  • Working smoke alarm on every floor **
  • Home fire escape plan
  • Carbon monoxide detector (if there are carbon fuelburning appliances)
  • House number is visible from the street
  • Cooking is not left unattended
  • Smokers use safe ashtrays and don't smoke in bed
  • Combustibles are kept away from furnace, heaters or stove
  • Extension cords are not used in place of permanent wiring
  • Electrical outlets are not overloaded
  • Candles are never left unattended; and stable, non-combustible candleholders are used
  • Matches and lighters are kept out of the reach of children

** Denotes mandatory

Wake Up! Only a working smoke alarm can save your life!