Prevent kitchen fires

Adding an ounce of prevention in the kitchen makes the perfect recipe for home fire safety

Statistics collected in Canada from 2002 to 2005 show that 38 per cent of the fires were attributed to cooking equipment, resulting in 430 fatalities and 4,600 injuries. This clearly shows that the main ingredient in your kitchen is fire safety and prevention.

Here a few tips and important points to make both your kitchen and home safe.

Tip #1 – Keep an eye on the oven and stove

  • When you’re cooking, never leave the kitchen and pay attention to what you have in the oven or on the stove.

Tip #2 – Where there’s no air, there’s no flame

  • Keep an oven mitt and lid nearby the stove
  • Should a small pan fire occur, use the oven mitt to grab the lid to slide over the pan – smothering the flame.
  • Once the lid is in place, turn the stove element to the off position.
  • If a fire occurs in the oven, leave the door closed and shut off the element.

Definite don’ts with a small pan fire

  • Never move a burning pan. You risk the chance of your clothing catching on fire
  • Never place a burning pan in the sink filled with water. When in contact with some burning products – such as cooking oil – water can increase the size of the flames and possibly spreading the fire.
  • Keep dish towels or cloths away from any elements and never us them as splatter protectors on the stove.


Important life-saving tip: If your clothes catch fire, drop to the floor and roll.